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December 18, 2008

A Bed & Some Fairy Lights



In our house in England we had a set of those mesh type twinkly lights behind the bed, sounds yuk but it looked really, really good.  I used to switch them on, leaving the other lights off and they created just the right amount of glow to set that calm down feel for the evening.  I often think of that bedroom and even though we still own the house, that whole life seems like a world away.  Um actually it is half a world away...

So I've had that need for a set of little glowing fairy lights in my bedroom for ages, like ages, but it never really came to fruition.  It tinkered away in the back of my mind when I got into bed, hmmm, how nice it would be if all around me was bathed in fairy light.  Then two things happened and that was all I needed for inspiration, one I watched Nigella Lawson and spied lights in her kitchen (I've so copied that!) and then Cindy at Romantic Home posted her bed all done up for Christmas.  ooooh yeah. 

So I shopped for lights.  Do you think I found lights in the dollar store?  Nup.  Of course I didn't.  I found them in a very nice shop for a very nice price.  So the old champagne taste beer budget philosophy came into play yet again in my life.  I ummed and ahhhed but ya know I just couldn't spend the nearly three hundred dollars, you know the score, 3 kids + 2 houses + school fees + 1 job does not equal bundles of cash floating around this old cottage.

I had a re-think and then rummaged around in the Christmas box.  These lights had somehow been forgotten in the tree decoration by the Beach Cottage kiddos so I strung them around the bedhead.

You can only imagine the comment from Mr Beach Cottage when after his shower he found me tucked up with my tea and my book surrounded with a twinkling incandescent glow...




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Ooooooooh I can just imagine his comment, they look great. Funny thing is I was thinking the other night how nice fairy lights in the bedroom would look, but when we bought our new *you beaut bed* (which I LOVE) it came without a headboard, so where on earth to put them huh??? Thanks heaps for leaving me a comment on my blog!
Have a great night

Lyn xoxo

Soooo pretty and soft! cherry

Ooooooooooooh I can just imagine his comments! Funny thing is I was only thinking the other day of Fairy lights in the bedroom, but when we bought our *you beaut bed* which I LOVE it came without a headboard, so where to put them huh?? Thanks heaps for leaving a comment on my blog.
Enjoy your night

Lyn xoxox

Ooooooooooooh I can just imagine his comments! Funny thing is I was only thinking the other day of Fairy lights in the bedroom, but when we bought our *you beaut bed* which I LOVE it came without a headboard, so where to put them huh?? Thanks heaps for leaving a comment on my blog.
Enjoy your night

Lyn xoxox

Ok so what happened there??

Oh my stars! You are incredibly brilliant with ideas and with doing this.

It absolutely maakes my evening when, after a stressful day in the coalmine (primary school), I find one of your posts. :)

No - I haven't read that second book you mentioned. Is it good? :)

I used up my last Christmas Dymocks voucher last week, and as usual, went looking for an "I go to Italy or maybe France, and buy a villa" book. Well, none was to be had! But it's OK - I got season 2 of The Good Life on DVD.

Hey - I think I'll get the download of Frances Mayes reading Under The Tuscan Sun, for Christmas. What do you think of that?

Very pretty!! Merry Christmas Sarah!

i love the lights on your bed and now, I want to do the same....just little white christmas lights?
Merry Christmas...love, bj

Just perfect! Too cute, who doesn't want to hope into bed with twinkle lights! :o)

That's nothing my husband offered to take me to a charity shop the other day for lunch! Eh hemmmmm I like shopping there I dont blooming well want to eat there as a treat! So we had Christmas lunch today somewhere much nicer. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they dont - men! (I mean as in understand not IT! Love Emma xxxxx

Your bed is quite festive... sooooo FUN! ENJOY the holiday season! Fifi

How pretty! I used to have those icicle lights hanging along one wall in my bedroom. They give off such a romantic glow!

Oh yes, I can imagine his comments, and I bet they had nothing to do with how soft and pretty the lights were! But they are-soft and pretty - the lights! laurie

Love the fairy lights Sarah.....there is something almost magical about them.
Have a happy day!

You know, I think you have discovered the best "mood" lighting for the bedroom! I can't tell you how many times we've had to crack the door to the bathroom light, just to see each other! I'm gonna get me some lights for my headboard too! Thx for sharing! Both my husband and I will appreciate it! LOL!

Wow. I must agree 100% with Envoy-ette, that is some fantastic bedroom mood lighting. What a great great idea. I may have to steal it myself.

Wow girl! Look at you ! You need to be doing this sort of stuff for a living I swear you have more talent then my sister in law who actually does call her self a designer! I just wanted to tell ya I love ya and Merry Christmas! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi Sarah :)

The lights look really lovely. I think I might do that too :)

Merry Christmas,

Of course, as soon as I landed on your blog I was struck by how consistently beautiful your pictures are! I love the lights...just love them. I have little lights on all year round and I always call our place a "night-time house" because it always looks so much better at night and softly lit.

Happy Holidays...Laura

Those are sooo cute...I'd be tempted to leave them there year 'round! :-) Susan

I just love it! It's quite a festive glow...I'd be tempted to keep them up year 'round.

I've had so little time to visit my blog friends this week and was so happy to come back to yours and soak in the beautiful photos. I prefer to miss a couple of days of yours...more fun in one sitting then! Sigh...I do wish I had seen your tablescape Tuesday before tonight (when I hardly got the plates on the table!!). All that white simplicity...so tasteful and beautiful. As usual. :-)

the lights look great. what a magicial touch they had.

That is such a cute idea. My daughter would enjoy something like that in her room. Actually I would like something like that in my room as well.

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