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December 08, 2008

A Pot Cupboard


G'day girlies, hope you all had a good weekend.  I did, busy and very hot, but considering it's this time of year not too headless-chickeny.

I thought I'd show you one of the things I found last week & got for a very good price. 

I am not sure what I'm going to do with it, obviously this is the before shot, it surely needs some lurve.  I think I may well just give it a really good clean up and add a new handle to the drawer and put it in the breakfast room in place of the current IKEA unit that holds the breakfast dishes. It's is very open and I've never really liked that much and has never really worked.  I've lost quite a few of my vintage dishes with this IKEA unit - when the Beach Cottage kiddos unload the dishwasher, shove the clean stuff on the open shelving and something else falls off the back.  Not the sort of scenario you want to be dealing with in the morning...this cupboard would alleviate that problem..





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I think it looks just right the way it is...very very shabby chic!!

P.S. It's funny to hear you talk about how hot it is there because it is only 20 degrees here.

I think it is so cool just the way it is-well with a handle! But I adore the wear she shows.

I vote with the others. I like the way it is now... very shabby chic. :-)



P.S. Sarah, I want to add you to my blog list, but I wanted to ask you first and see if it's okay!


I'm trying to figure out where my post went! It's early, and I'm not with it.

I like it like it is, Sarah! Looks perfect!

AND I was wondering if you minded me adding you to my blog list? I thought I should ask first.


Sheila... you can delete the other posts if this is one of those moderator approval ones. I didn't think yours was, but I wanted to be sure my post gets on here. :-)

It's charming. Great find!

I love your beachy cottage!
That dress is fab~

I want that! I'm so jealous of your finds! I have never been to an auction, but there is one next month down the street and I am going! Maybe I will get a great find!

Have a great day!

Sarah, that is a really cool piece! I'm sure you'll get it fixed up just perfectly.

I love the little cupboard! So cute and so shabby! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Oh I just love your finds. That is a great find, so perfectly shabby chic. WOW

Well friend, another perfectly shabby find! :) I wish that I had such luck on my little adventures. I also left you a couple of comments on Flickr. :)

That is so flippin adorable! I think it looks cute the way it is!

cute as ever.. I see why you picked her up.

I say add a handle and leave it where it is- the brown in the fabric works well with the natural wood on the piece. :)

What a great little cabinet. I too would just add a handle and leave it "as is". It has some real personality. :)
Have a happy day.

I love it! You've been bitten for sure by the auction bug, haven't you?

Today I saw the perfect do-over chair at the thrift shop. And I thought of you. But I would have my four children running circles around me, leaving me in a tizzy, and ready to re-donate the chair. Then I realized...you send yours to school! That's how you get to go to the auction by yourself! I was almost jealous.

Have a blessed day.

I love your new find "as is", but it does need a cool knob for the drawer. You should try a wash of paint over the areas that look like someone stripped them, and see if it gives the piece a more cohesive look, otherwise I love it as is too. Another great little find you've come across.

I love it the way it is! Add a handle give a scrub and I think you're done. And that jar filled with beads and tea lights...so simple, yet looks like a million bucks! I just love the way you "stage" things. I also like the "Tribute to Abba" disco ball ornament, LOL. When in Rome...;-)

p.s. Your blog header rocks.

xo, Laura

I love the upholstered cushion on this chair (and your thrifty find!)

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Beautiful dress. I bet you was beautiful in it.

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