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July 29, 2008

frames frames frames

It's come to me attacking forlorn old frames, something weird happened when I sprayed it with primer though, it turned salmon pink, a for-real chemical reaction happening right there in front of me.
Which meant this took longer than I hoped to get WHITE, though soooo not that long.  I also tried out sponge paint brushes for the first time, after some lovely blogger asked if I had used them before (sorry I can't remember who that was, I will go back and look), well they were very good, I felt all crafty and professional, which of course I really am not.  When I got this frame home I did wonder what the cork bit was for???  It's not quite big enough for a noticeboard and too small to tack anything of any size to...anyhow considering it was brown and icky and for some reason sprinkled with glitter, it's come out quite well (I printed the vintage guys and gals in bathers on my printer and stuck them in)...just wondering quite what to pin to the board.



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what a weird chemical reaction! I've never seen such a thing. The finished product looks great though- well done!

I love how you are so going for the white white look , I love it ,it so nice.
I am glad to hear it isn't only my 10 yr old that is a messy mess maker , I can not believe how much it doesn't bother her, she is not like me in that way I can't stand all the disasters lurking , I hope she outgrows it .
Thanks for commenting.

You are crafty - and it's fun to see! :)

Oh, I have had some stuff turn that pink color before, its so strange! But I think the final project is beautiful! Job Well Done! :)

Nonsense -- You are soooooo crafty and professional! :-) Now you need to find a vintage wool swimsuit for one of yoru crafty frames (I found some fancy ones on eBay...I lobbed a bid on one but was outbid in the end. For a sec I thought it might've been by you, hahaha!)

If you could find a vintage post card to tack on the board it might be fun.


Great remake! I have a similar board. I'm painting the frame white, adding fabric to the cork board and looking for some nice photos for the top... I'll post a photo when it's finished. Hopefully, this weekend?!

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