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August 11, 2008

jolly crocodile frame makeover


I've been on the lookout for wooden makeover-able (yeah yeah I know that's not a real word) frames and found some the other week  so I decided to have a go at combining a chunky white painted distressed frame with a chalkboard.


It looked like this before, jolly blue crocs, lovely!  ...see the matting was a bit yukky...see the price tag...



I took a few photos along the way, just because if it turned out well, I sure love a good how-to...

First I ripped off the backing



Sprayed the cardboard insert with chalkboard paint


Sprayed the frame with white primer then dinged it up with a hammer and stabbed it with a scredriver


Gave it a couple of coats of white paint, and enjoyed much more stabbing and hammering 

I can't believe how well it turned out, I stuck it on the table in my breakfast room and it looks great! woo hoo. 





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looks fabulous I love it, you mad mad mad woman, lol!!!

I did the same thing to a pine blanket box years ago when we had our first home on the market. I was in the middle of 'distressing' it when the real estate came by to do an appraisal on the house. I answered the door hammer in hand and I'm sure when he saw I was bashing up furniture he thought I was nuts! lol...so much fun :)

I've always wanted a chalk board in my kitchen but I don't have a wall to put it on where I am but in my new home, I have a wonderful wall just waiting. Perhaps you'll have to take me thrift shopping so I can find one to do up :)...

Hope you're keeping warm and well... Nel xx

You make it look so easy! I've never used that paint before, but may have to try it out. Your project turned out great!

A chalkboard is a really, really good idea! I know I've always wanted one for our house, but couldn't quite bring myself to paint a part of our wall to do it...

I know my mission today is to ramp up my sunroom, so I'm hoping to think of something as cute and clever as your chalkboard idea!

PS~ Good luck to you in culling your magazine collection... I know I can't do it. Actually, any magazine that I buy that has an ocean cottage/ocean theme/ocean view or scape goes right into my sunroom reading basket!

I just found your blog and oh my goodness, I am just speechless. I used to have a blog and it was a shabby chic blog called Pink Icing on the Cake. When I realized that the shabby chic look just wasn't for me, I went back to my original love of design and that is beach cottage. Now I don't live on or even near the beach but I love the calm serene look is gives you. Your site is now one of my absolute favorites and I am adding you to my sidebar. I would love it if you would stop by sometime and visit me and go back and look at my old posts where I show my home. I would love your opinion. I can't wait to come back.


Love the chalkboard! I am going to have to try that with some of my old frames. What a great idea.

Can you make one for ME??? Love it, I am always looking for ways not to spend full price-you're a little more ingenious about making it happen than I am. good job!

Everything in your cottage is so bright and warm like a house at a Greek island...!

You are such a busy girl! I love this project too & good for you, DIYing & saving all that money. You're like me, wouldn't even dream of paying that much for a picture frame. HELLO!! Your's is gorgeous, love the distressing too.

I love your craftiness & thriftiness!


you should be pleased with yourself, Sarah! what a great idea to spray the cardboard insert with chalkboard paint. It turned out just fabulous.

Awesome, as always. I love chalkboard paint!!

Veeeeerrrry clever! I love a $$ saving project - especially one that turns out looking like that!

Great job!


LOL at "...and enjoyed much more stabbing and hammering." Did you *really* want the chalkboard or was this a creative way of "hammering out" some extra aggression? hahaha!

You know, I never think to buy prints in frames for projects like this. Why not?! The sale bin often turns up frames way cheaper than they'd be without the print and it's easy enough to get the print out of the frame. Well done!!

Well I guess it's true....great minds think alike. lol Just minutes ago I finished doing a frame in white with chalkboard for my office/guestroom. I'm happy with the way mine turned out but I must admit I like yours just a bit better. I've got a little extra time this afternoon so I plan on going back and reading all of your old posts. (Always looking for new ideas) I'd better put the coffee on this could turn out to be a long and fun afternoon.
Have a wonderful day!

I really like it. I think one in red would look perfect in my kitchen. Great price!


Oh, what great ideas! I followed you over here from Rhoda's (I have the Victorian in St. Augustine... thanks for your nice feedback!), and I can't wait to read your blog! I can tell I am going to enjoy it here.

Kindest regards,


I think you could earn yourself a nice little income with all your brilliant makeovers. You obviously have the knack for sifting through the real junk to find things with potential, and I am very impressed with the way you actually get round to painting etc - most of my great finds are still sitting in the garage!

ahhh every time I come here I wanna paint something white! everything is so fresh and pretty** Chalkboards are great to have, and I love how you made yours instead of buying an overpriced one* you want white frames I'm into black at the moment:) yeah 3 houses down..I found those items for under 20.00! can ya believe that???? Old big houses always have lots of big old treasures ...when a sale sign goes up around me I run;) wish you could run with me...you and nel:) xoxox

Your whole blog makes me so happy! Such perfect projects and style! This is fabulous.

quite the little make over there. I have just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and am in a jealous fit! Im now at work and want to read the whole thing!...dont you worry....Ill be baaaaaaaack...
coastal nest

LOVE the distressed frame makeover! I want one now! As usual, you impress me. That's why I've given you a blog award! Come and check it out if you get a chance!

I love the frame. I am going to have to make one like it. I am new to blogging but found your blog and it is one of my favorites. You have a beautiful cottage and are so good at decorating.

That's really pretty! I just used chalkboard paint for the first time last week, I will definitely be using more of it, how fun!


I love chalkboards! In addition to my spray paint addiction, my can of chalkboard paint has gotten a workout lately too! I love how your project turned out!

What a great frame. Does the spray chalkboard paint work just as well for writing as a slate chalkboard? Please let me know as I am getting ready to do a similar project. I have been looking and looking for chalkboards and they seem to have left the planet.


I love that.. I want a chalkboard too~ Just gotta find some wall space!

So refreshing. You have a great creative eye. Love the chalkboard idea.

I have wanted to do something like this forever! Thank you for such a great tutorial. I Love the details!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Excellent job! I need to add a chalkboard to my kitchen...except it needs to be high enough that my munchkins can't get into the chalk!

You and I could be friends. I enjoy hanging out with mad, mad, mad women with your talent. Maybe you could host a party for us all in your backyard. We could all be painting and beating up our projects with hammers and screwdrivers, while smiling at your neighbor. She would certainly want to join in the fun.

The photo of your chalkboard looks like it came right out of a design magazine! It's simply wonderful.

I like that very much. It turned out great! I am now thinking of somewhere I could put something like that.

Very cute and a nice makeover!

Your ideas are great and your pictures are beautiful.
Have a happy and Bless week, Virginia

Very nice project - so beach cottage appropriate! I am miles and miles from any sizable body of water, but just your pictures have me longing for the beach!

Turned out great! I think I might have to borrow your beating techniques. I have some frames that need to be antiqued in this fashion!

Beautiful! That is a vignette worthy of a mag! I love doing chalkboards..have several around. cherry

This looks so good. You have the touch my friend!

I love it! Loved how you distressed it!!

Wow this turned out great. I did something similar because my mirror broke when I removed it from the frame. Oh well. I love what you have done.
Blessings, Debbie

I love chalkboards - they're so handy! Your's turned out great - love the distressed frame!


Your frames are beautiful! I really need to do something with chalkboard paint.

looks great! Im seeing a trend in everyone using white for this party...I think we all might be in trouble. White might just be the new black! hehe

what a great job! It all came together so well...and you were able to place your stabs and dents exactly where you wanted them. It really looks great on the shelf too. Good job...nice!
Have a great evening

Super, duper, cute!
You are very creative b/c I would never had thought to do any of that.
One day I will be a good decorator...just like you!

Whoa, great work girl! :-)

I stumbled your blog & this great tutorial so other folks can come be inspired by your creative genius!


Happy day to you!


I am so jealous I dont have a place as fabulou sas Vinnies. But I can do this. IN fact, I purchased a frame for this very same project. Yours looks great. I love how you dinged it up. It really added alot of character to the piece. It really looks fabulous!
Girl, I thank you so much for participating in my Thrifty Thursday.


PS, You mentioned my shoes...I am still swooning over your find in that flowy dress you purchased at a yard sale. Beautiful!

Oh I DO love this. The chalkboard with the white frame is magnificent, and the whole table display just screams BEACH.

I wandered on over from Leigh's party.

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