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October 24, 2008

ABeachCottage House Tour

You might well have seen some of these photos but I wanted to join in Julia's Hooked on House House Tour cos I am just soooo nosey about looking into peoples homes.  C'mon you do too, hmmm?  Shoot yourself over there and start clicking on the Mr Linky thingy...it's good
















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Gorgeous! I love those huge candles by the tub, so relaxing!!! I've always loved your home, thanks for the tour!


You know I love your house and I love Julia and I am hooked on houses, decorating, and every style under the sun, so this is going to be a GREAT day! Thanks for sharing your photos again. Always good to see your house first thing in the morning.

I just loooove your beach cottage. I love simple white rooms like this. I can't tell you how badly I want to ditch my place and move into yours right now (you have room for me, right?).

I'm so glad you joined the blog party! Thanks for playing along. :-)

P.S. Your link was broken on Mr Linky for some reason. I just fixed it so people can get here.

Hmmm. Mister Linky keeps deleting your link. I think it's because it's too long. I gave it a Tiny URL and it seems to be working now.

Beautiful again! Your house is just lovely - I so enjoy visiting your blog.

Your photos are always amazing...and so relaxing. That house touring this is addictive, isn't it?

Two words! I'm jealous.

A cottage at the beach decorated in whites....gorgeous. I love your blog and your blogging style. I would love to add you to my "take me away" blog roll. :)

Two words! I'm jealous.

A cottage at the beach decorated in whites....gorgeous. I love your blog and your blogging style. I would love to add you to my "take me away" blog roll. :)

Your home is gorgeous!! I love how used a lot of white but still made the rooms feel warm! Thanks for letting is snoop!

Sarah, these pics really sum up your sweet beach cottage SO well! Just lovely, my friend.

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beach cottage...I also love to look at other people's homes, the inspiration is incredible!

have a great weekend~

~ Tara ~

Thanks for the wonderful tour of the Beach Cottage.....your home is so beautiful and has sooooo much personality. There is not one room in your home that has that "cookie cutter" look and I really like that.
Have a wonderful weekend Sarah.

I adore your cottage.Everything is so pristine.I don't know how you keep it that way.You've got to share your secrets with us,[smiles].You're a fabulous phtographer also...Ann

I just found you! I love your style...all the white, the simplicity, and clean uncluttered beauty. I too have a sea/beach cottage, but mine is not a bike ride away from seaside. I wish. The ocean is my favorite place and if we could afford to live beachside we would. For now, we live in the valley, two hours away from the beach. When we bought our new home 2 yrs. ago I finally decided to decorate as if we lived at the beach. Our home is meditteranean style so it works. White, sand, and splashes of aqua are my palette. I long for hardwood floors. Carpet is not beachy. But we will have to wait till we can afford it. I do find much inspiration in your decorating. You're beach cottage is dreamy.

I love your place and your furniture. Beautiful way you have the bathroom displayed too. Now I am longing for a long
warm soak. :)

I just adore your home, not only is it beautiful but it "feels" comfortable and cozy. I cannot think of a better compliment than that!

I just found you too! I found you through 4 Reluctant Entertainers, which I love. In reading about your recent dinner party, RE style, you mentioned making some Jamie Oliver recipes that you have made before. Can I ask which ones? Always looking to expand my repertoire.
LOVE your house! Thanks for the pics.

Your home is so tranquil and calming. I particularly love the blue and white bedroom. Then the so soft white bathroom... I could go on and on. But I don't know how on earth you have those light colors with kids! Don't think I could have pulled that off when my girls were young. Or now with pets!

Stunning - fabulous - beautiful beyond words! We do have one thing in common... we live near the sea. But as for our homes, you WIN HANDS DOWN!!!
hugs! xo

Your home is such an inspiration!!

It is beautiful....I love every single room...

and that bathtub looked very inviting...I could use a bubble bath after the week I have had!

Sarah, you've received a blog award! Please visit my blog to see the award. Then please pass it on to your favorite blogs!


Can I just say each time I visit...I let out a sigh....your pics are just soooo peaceful..and serene. I love just that hint of red popping from the white..with the bolster. cherry

Your home is one of my absolute favorites. It's so serene and so very beachy.

Oh to have a cottage by the sea.... Thank you for sharing it sweet Sarah :)



can i come live with you?? I'll bring chocolate.. :)

Thank you for the lovely tour. Everything looks so fresh and bright with the white...I love the pink flowers.
Very pretty.
Have a lovely days.

Lovely tour... I am in need of relaxing on a beach! Your tour was perfect!

It's so fun seeing all of your pictures gathered together in one post! You should be totally thrilled with all of the progress you've made in the cottage...it really belongs in a magazine, I tell you.

I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. BLAH. But I read your most recent post and sounds like you're back in Vinnie's form! Huzzah!! :-)

Great style in your lovely home! Have I told you before how much I love all your mirrors? I sell antique mirrors & collect them, too, & you have some beauties!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Love your bathroom! I'm in an apartment and only have a stand up shower. Would love to soak in the tub someday soon in a bathroom just like yours. You did a lovely job with it.

stunning cottage!! i'm in love with it and makes me want to live there. looks so peaceful!

I love , love , love your house ;o)
Rini the Netherlands

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