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November 11, 2008

A Christmas Loveheart


Simple little hearts here and there, ribbon tied around the odd thing, a few sparse candles and a very bare tree.  Hmmm nice paired-back look to combine quite nicely with a beachy-white theme. 

These stripe lovehearts are my first dabble with a simple but beachy look..I will when I go to the mall look out for a little silver bell to tie round their necks but actually I think the glittery bauble is pretty and certainly this is the more budget friendly option as I already have 'em.





Thanks for the comments yesterday, I did go to the doctor and he sent me for blood tests, results tomorrow.



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Ive enjoyed 'a good old read' with your last few posts. I havnt blogged much in the last few days so its nice to pop by and catch up. I like the simple decorations for Xmas. I always do the traditional colours in my sitting room, but in my kitchen I like to do something different. I was thinking this year a red and white stripe in the style of your striped heart. Quite rustic and simple. I love your photographs, they always look like they are from an expensive glossy magazine, just beautiful. I too like a good 'ol greasy spoon over a 'posh' coffee shop anyday. Im also a people watcher and I find alot of the people who go to the coffee shop are pretentious and usually talk far too loudly on their mobile phones. A greasy spoon gives you a real mug full of tea and people are just themselves. I first saw the bottle of Chambord on an American cookery programme and when I saw it in a shop I was in (in the UK) I just had to have it. I hope you are feeling better soon X

Love the little heart. I really want to try to make some stuff like this for Christmas decorations and perhaps little gifts. So cute.

You should write a book and have all your beautiful photos in it. I bet it would do great!

I love the magazines for inspiration. But really, I come to places like your little blog here for the stuff that's really good. Not only would I not spend the four figures if I had it (only on the remodeling; I've proven myself worthless at that endeavor!), but I wouldn't even care to. I like the simple life, the handmade trinkets, the patchwork quilt at the end of the bed. I like the touches you come up with. I even found a mirror to put behind a lamp in the guest room yesterday after seeing yours! You're a magazine-in-a-blog!

How cute is the striped heart!

This reminds me so much of a tree I did years ago when my husband and I first married. I sewed little hearts like those (only in scrap quilting fabric), and we still use them on a bigger tree with all sorts of things... everything and the kitchen sink sort of tree! But the hearts are very cute used more sparsely.

For our nautical look, I had a smaller tree one year that I decorated totally in little white shells from the beach. I punched small holes in them (can't remember how... probably with a nail!) and then tied white cotton string through them for a beachy look. It might sound cliche, but the one thing I love at Christmas decorating is the white starfish. I like that whether it's a nautical theme or not. For Christmas one year, I did a wreath for the front door, Sarah, in white star fish and floats and tied the floats on with clothes line cord in red and white stripe. I had it looped decoratively. Very cute. Got lots of compliments.

Love reading your blog!


I am right there, I get so frustrated when i see even decorating magazines supposedly decorating on a budget and I look at the shops on the detail page and think to myself how is this a budget. I don't see any thrift stores or flea markets, just Potter Barn and crate and Barel, how is that a budget.GRRR... I wish there were magazine articles like yours, to show people decorating doesn't have to be so expensive. Show people what decorating can look like on a budget. There needs to be magazine editors knocking on your Beach Cottage door! Sorry for the rant, but you must have hit a nerve! ACKK! :)

I love your designs and you could be an interior decorator/designer for sure, floofing and fluffing sound fabulous to me! Definitely a top 10 job for me too!

Now the ornament, I just love it! what a great idea...thanks for the inspiration!

~ Tara ~

I like the simplicity of the decorations as is. Don't think that it needs anything else.

Oh yeah. I love this. Some years I just wish I could put up the tree and leave it at that.. not worry about garlands and centerpieces and wreaths and... all that stuff. These are some beautiful photos.

ahhh doll! Simple and sweet..my kind of decor...I have long put away all of my traditional christmas decorations for a more simple look (no more tons of vintage mess)accept for the tree decorations. I like to go to the tree lot and bring home live boughs and greens lots decorat with lots of silvery things... some clear twinkly lights and candles....nothing too much anymore...ok what in the world did I miss? you went to the doc? I'll be back I must go back and read;) love ya!

They look beautiful together! I have some hearts I made the same a few years ago and I love their simplicity but you've motivated me to use them in a simpler way, instead of clogging them up on the Christmas tree with everything else :)

I am so sorry to hear you're still not well :( That's not good at all!!! Perhaps I can give you a call and see how you're going and maybe come and visit???

Let me know what you need. Few good books, DVD's, music (I have some beautiful new stuff), coffee, cake, friendly chat :) Take care xx

Simply stunning
Delightful seasonal decorations with that beach cottage flair.

Hanging out to see that article on the vintage chic beach do over with Vinnies listed as a supplier!

I do love simple - especially in tight quarters such as I'm in right now! I love the heart with the ornament!

I hope your test results come back clean as a whistle and that you'll be in tip top shape lickety split! many hugs, my friend! xo

I love the light touch, it's a very freshing way to decorate for Christmas! It looks like I can copy that idea, (my sewing is very!!! limited :o)

I would buy every book in your Beach Cottage Budget series. :-)

And your lamp (last post) looks stunning! It looks to be in very good condition. Love it with the holiday decorations resting at the base.

Hope you're feeling a bit better. What a drag.

Hi Sarah, love the simple little heart and I think it would be beautiful to have everything xmas in a stylish simplified way - HOWEVER - i have no idea how i would do it as tend to go OTT at this time of year. But good going if you can manage it!I think you should send your house/shots into Real Living Magazine for sure. Mel xxx

sorry part 2.. OR Country Home Ideas. I know for a fact they are ALWAYS wanting to know about lovely homes such as yours and they are based in Sydney so i am sure they would be over like a shot. Mel xxx
(ps hope your blood tests get to the bottom of you not feeling well) xx

LOVE the little heart with the glittery bulb in front.

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