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November 10, 2008

The Lamp & Christmas Decs



G'day all you lovelies.  Hope you had a good weekend of play and rest.  I didn't get much of either done, I did lots of thinking about Christmas and some work in the garden.  That was about it.  Mr Beach Cottage unwillingly got the decorations out of the garage for me, mumbling something about it being the second week of November.  Men.  When will they get it I ask?  Anyhow I do know it is possibly a tad early but I've a lot on my plate the next few weeks, one of those oh-so-busy weekends coming up this weekend, so I thought I'd start getting a few Holiday things out...not that I am going mad this year with Christmas decorating anyway, as we leave for the Whitsundays for a long-overdue three week holiday on the 20th December so won't be here much to enjoy them. 

I thought my newly-purchased lamp might be a good starting point for a little Christmassy vignette - some beads round the mirror, shabby old vintage baubles and a candle tied with some white pom-poms trim.

I just wanted to say too, I am still, yes still, under the weather, so I am doing little more than a bit of blogging, sorry if you are awaiting an email reply and I am just not making it to my normal lovely blog gals and commenting, but I am reading.  I'm not really being the best friend to anyone at the moment, I'm just about keeping all the normal balls up in the air and that's it, you know those balls that if one drops the whole of life goes into meltdown?  This has now been going on for getting on a month now and with the upcoming few weeks, I am wondering if I should get myself to the doctors?  I don't like to do that too often, I would rather my body tried to heal itself, ya know, but really now this is getting a trifle ridiculous. 

So what do you think of the lamp?  It looked much smaller than it is when I bought it, but when I got it into the Beach Cottage I was like, oh, right, it's nice and big.  Ideally I would like to place this by the leather sofas for a bit of vintage/modern contrast, but on both of the side tables it wasn't really working, a bit too big, so I put it on the old sewing table in the sitting room and moved stuff round a bit, it's the place me and Mr BC tend to sit in the evening anyway so maybe it's better placed in here with us.  It casts a wonderful old vintage glow in the evening, I'm not sure how a glow can be vintage but it feels like it is...





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Positively beautiful lamp amid your decorations.

Girl, I do think you should go to the doc, sounds like your body needs a little help in the form of a "z" pac, an antibiotic. Go, get and feel better soon, I hope.

I love the lamp! It's gorgeous! I think I would have bought that too! I hope you feel better soon!

OK, after a horrid day at work, I came looking for solace in the form of a beautiful post to read.

Thank you for providing that. ;)

Oh it's just beautiful... a great buy! Hope you are feeling better soon. A-M xx

Your auction lamp is absolutely stunning!
It looks as if it were made for your cottage.
Sorry you are still under the weather...yep...you do need to go to the doctor. If one of the Beach Cottage kids was sick that long, you would have them there in a flash...gotta take care of momma, too!!
Hope you feel better soon...
love, bj

...and breathe out..... oooommmmmm

Now I feel better - what a beautiful, tranquil photo... I just want to sit beside that lamp with elegant slippers and sip a cup of tea in a china cup. Instead, I have mosque screaming in one window, some horrid child screaming in the other and life couldn't be further away from 'tranquil'.

The auction lamp is "dreamy"! It sets the right mood and look for your table..and let me comment on the glass garland! Simply Elegant !!!! :o) you create such peaceful settings, that is my goal and I'm struggling you do it with such grace.....have a lovely day

Oh, gorgeous!

beautiful! Love your house!

So sorry to read that you're still under the weather. Please feel better soon!

You found the perfect spot for the lamp. Good going! I know you're going to enjoy it so much! :-)

Wishing you a better day and praying you feel better with each passing hour!


Now Sarah, that is just lovely with the mirror behind it. Perhaps I've missed your proper calling once again. (You know how I am always telling you what in life you were supposed to be.) Maybe you need to be a decorating consultant, or at least one for the holidays! Now I'm in a steam to hunt for a mirror to duplicate that aspect of your vignette. Really it is just stunning. And get yourself to the doctor and get on with it. The holidays will take all your energy. (I know I'm older than you, and thus am allowed to be bossy.)

Sarah, I adore your new vintage lamp! Love those older ones & the base reminds me a bit of the one on my foyer table that I did the black damask fabric on. Those older lamps have such character.

And that last pic..with the Christmas ornaments...be still my heart!

Hi, sorry you're not feeling well. Your decor is beautiful as always...and not overdone, like mine will be!

Miss Sarah, Go see the Dr.Your body is tellling you that it needs a little help. Ok enough of the mothering, now about that lamp. I love it! perfectin. It looks like it is alabaster,wonderful glow to it. I agree it does give a vintagey glow, nothing prettier than that. Take Care, Kathysue

I hope you're feeling better, Sarah!!!

The lamp is STUNNING! And the ornaments are the perfect accent! I absolutely LOVE the Christmas swag you've draped over your mirror! =)

OK Sarah, time to visit the Doc. You don't want to be under the weather while on holiday. Now, on to that beautiful lamp - it looks stunning and those Christmas ornaments are perfect. Your last photo would make a great Christmas card - it's so you. :)
Have a happy day and make that appt. with your Doctor.

Hi Sarah, your setting there looks so elegant and stylish. Love it, great lamp and decorations. I hope you are feeling on the up and up very soon. Bet you cannot wait for your lovely holiday, Mel xxx

gorgeous find girlie;) now you get to the doc a month is too long to not be feeling well;) the great thing about you and me??? blog comments are not required for our friendship to last;) xoxoxox feel better friend:)

Hi Sarah,
Love your new to you lamp!

Please take care of yourself, and get well!

LOVE IT!!! that is so beautiful! LOVE the color scheme!

Beatuiful! Love the ornametns on wire over the doorway- it looks so whimsical.

Love the clean crisp beach look!

Gorgeous lamp!!!! I love your decor.

Beautiful....the overall look is stunning!

The lamp is great but it's the whole lot together that makes it special!

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