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November 13, 2008

Vintage Shabby Old Chair


This is that chair I found last week, it was shabby and full of a past life somewhere else and of course it was in my budget and I dunno it just seemed to need to come home with me to the Beach Cottage...  I thought about my usual white painted treatment but decided to keep it dark, and keep the shabby old ruffled seat rather than ripping it off and starting afresh...

Tomorrow I am going hunting, I don't know what I will find but I need to get out and about, you know when you get like that?  I know it and I need it.  

Oh and today on a flyby visit, guess what I scored, a box of six vintage pale blue Christmas baubles...oh my Lord, I have had my eye out for any kind of old dec for like a century...to find it here, this morning, when I least expected it yet again fuelled my thrifting love



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I think Vinnies should have all his stuff delivered via your house first - surely it would save him and you a lot of time!

Love Emma xxxxx

oh lucky you Sarah, I love old Christmas decorations and have only a small handful. Can't wait to see them in your home! I went shopping today and bought some new Christmas decorations. It was so much fun and I am actually excited to get decorating and looking forward to Christmas this year. (Last year was a write off!)

The chair is lovely too and I love the ruffled cover... very pretty!

Nel xx

Hey Sarah,
Wow what another great score, there's something about old chairs & the ruffle is just so sweet. How lucky were you to find vintage Christmas baubles, Iv'e been searching everwhere for some, maybe tomorrow huh!

Have a great night

Lyn xoxoxo

Hi...there is award for you over on my blog.

Great old chair. I love the contrast with all the beautiful white you have. I love finding vintage Christmas stuff. I am just trying to wait patiently to after Thanksgiving when I can get out all my goodies!

Sarah the chair is charming.It's fun when you don't need to tweak it just bring it home and ta da!Can't wait to check back about your outing.I'll make sure I make a "mug" of tea for my next visit!!This coming weekend is my monthly vintage shopping outing. hoping I find some goodies. I always love your goodies.

What a cute little chair, I think I like it dark and I love the cute ruffle cover, so glad you left it on...charming! Have fun at the auction and yes I know when I need to get out too, shopping does a girl good!

~ Tara ~

You go, girl!

Sheila :-)

Just found you... beautiful... will be back often

Sarah, your home is just oh-so-pretty. Every time you show photos, I wish you could come to our place and show me how to spruce up our home to look more like your's :)

Well, I love this old chair and I think he looks might fine, surrounded by all the white. He seems to ground things, if you know what I mean.
Great luck finding the vintage Christmas decorations.

The chair looks great, just as-is!

I can't wait to meet these baubles! As you know from my "travels" this summer, I've managed to amass a bit of a collection of random vintage Christmas balls as well. And I have NO idea...not a clue...what I'll be doing with them. Sigh. Can you come over? :-)

You and those auctions, Sarah, are going to be prevalent! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I've never attended an auction. It sounds like a lot of fun. I just don't have any room for more stuff, and know I would be so very tempted!

Every time I read your blog I want to run off to 2nd hand shops and browse.. I think it is becoming an addiction but I do love the chase. I just have to learn how to restore like you but I do enjoy it. I will have to give myself time and allowance to do it.
I was cleaning out my drawers yesterday and came across a nice surprise some Decorations (not sure if they are necessarily Christmas) but I got them when we were in Russia and I had forgotten about them so i was very excited as they are very cute.. I am going to do some posts of the dinner set find I got from Bloomhills today that I mentioned before..

Woohooo! You've done it again! =)

We have St. Vincent de Paul's here, too... I didn't realize they were worldwide. In fact, there is one an old Dingo Boot factory in the town where I grew up.

Love your Beach Cottage, so cute.... Nice site.... :-)

This shabby chair is such a lovely find! I love it! It looks so at home in your sitting room. :)

Sarah, do hope you get back to 100% soon. In the meantime, you have posted about such simple things (hanging a bauble from a hook) and managed to make them seem like a page out of one of my treasured home decorating books. There doesn't seem to be much that can get you down!


I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas! Only 13 more days and it will be Christmas in my home... YEA!

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