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December 01, 2008

The Bench & The Christmas Thongs


It's the first day of summer here in the lovely Australia.  Can you believe that in December?  I know that heaps of my bloggy friends are from the Northern Hemisphere, as I originally am and I know from talking to my mum in England this morning that it is below freezing in the UK, but here we are just starting to sizzle.  Fantastic.   

If I'm truly truly honest I do miss the cold days that lead up to Christmas, it just doesn't quite feel the same to me in the warm.  I guess that's just what you are used to though as the other day I was at the checkout in the supermarket and was listening to a couple of young girls chatting...I chuckled to myself when one of them asked the other "have you got your Christmas thongs yet?" (incidentally thongs in Australia are not as I have mistakenly thought a pair of undies or knickers but a pair of flip flops!), the other one replied excitedly "found the most gorgeous pair last week".  The conversation continued on the merits of buying your Christmas thongs before December so that you have them to wear for the multitude of Christmas get-togethers and BBQ's or saving them for Christmas Day so they are new for your outfit.  I don't think I have a minute spare before we go away there seems to be so much on...it's a good job I've bought my Christmas thongs...

I found two of these benches, *just  what I was looking for and most definitely on the Beach Cottage Most Wanted List.  I'd seen a bench in the oh-so-gorgeous, oh-so-ridiculously priced beach boutique I love to spend no money in...so I kept my eye open on my thrifting adventures for a rustic style bench that was more beachy than shabby, that I could paint white and put in the hall to chuck our paraphernalia on as we come in from the beach.  When I came across them they were painted in green, red and then some splats of silver, by the look of them I think they were probably in someone's garage - I painted them white and they literally drank the paint so it took a few coats.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

I've found some great things out thrifting lately, I just haven't had a second to myself to get them up here to show you - my favourite is a Cath Kidston style granny lap blanket, you know those old crochet ones?  I often see them but never, ever in colours I like.  I also hit a coupla garage sales and I got some great finds including an Italian silk dress which I see on the label is Moschino, I'm thinking that mighta cost more than the couple of dollars I paid for it...I know this is a housey blog but I'm wondering if you'd be interested in seeing it??




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Oooh but you're good! Love the benches, i think you have your mojo back! Yes i would love to see the dress. Are they agapanthas in the jug? Look great, i think i am going to copy you. Mel xx

Do show the dress...and also the blanket!
Merry Christmas! ...spent in your thongs!

Last year, I was missing the cold of Christmas so much that I did a whole European Theme for Xmas Eve - invited the family - told them to dress warm.. turned the AC down to as cold as possible - lit the fire place - Mulled wine - fondue... candles... we loved it - so much fun (mind you we all went for a swim at about 11pm...LOL)

I am hanging out for my dose of Christmas Markets in Germany this year.

Lovely stuff as usual. You are tres clever. I am having trouble fitting in to normal winter shoes (we are in Dec and have not yet settled in to a comfy pair yet) due to wearing 'thongs' and crocs. Love the winter days but NOT THE FLIPPING FOOTWEAR!!

Love Emma xxxxxx

Love the Bench. It is so perfect for your look.. And the thongs I can relate to having be born and lived most of my life here in Queensland. We have spent one Christmas in Canada and it snowed on que for us and it was very pretty and we have some amazing photos but boy was it hard to do anything outdoors really.. in fact I broke my ankle when I slipped at a theme park similar to wet and wild water park but over there of course had turned to ice (it was minus 25) I spent the next week in hospital having surgery in a French hospital where no one spoke English! I still have trouble with it 5 years later. We have some Canadians coming out to spend Christmas with us and I know they are going to find it hard with our weather.. I guess they are both good just different but for sure cold and Christmas just seem to go together. We have a boxing day tradition. We send out invitations for Beach Games on Boxing Day with our Christmas cards. Its funny when you start a tradition your kids want to keep it going. They are all in their 20's now the eldest is now 29 which makes me feel old. My husband also makes us watch Elf (the movie) every Christmas Eve. Well thanks for another great post. What did you think of Canberra?

I live in Florida, Sarah, and I don't miss cold weather. It's chilly here, and I'm bundled up like Nanuk/Nanook (sp) of the North! ;-) I have Scottish genes, and I used to be able to go outside in tundra like conditions and not shiver. But somehow, I've gotten used to warmth, and I like it!

I love the bench, and I want that pitcher and those flowers!

And I love the beach thongs! LOL!


Sheila (Happy Blue Monday, by the way!)

Thongs! HaHa - they are flipflops here, too, but yes, also of the undergarment variety!
Looks like you've scroed yourself some more beautiful treasure!!!

Bring it on! We are a versatile bunch. I just love the bench. Can't possibly have too many benches!

I grew up calling flip flops "thongs". That's funny about the Christmas thongs. San Diego weather is mild, but I would love to have Australia weather at Christmas. Love that bench! I have wanted one for my house but always too expensive. Glad you found those. You should show the dress and blanket you found also. Since I see there is another Brenda up above me, I'll go by Brenda S. :)

Christmas thongs!?! That so cracks me up. I love it.

Love your blog and your cottage! I am very jealous that you have "Christmas thongs." I'm in Alabama, USA, and it's cold here!!!

Living in warm and sunny Arizona, I wear "flip flops" (just doesn't sound right to call them "thongs"...definitely with you on that one. :)) pretty much year round...though I do find myself longing for MUCH cooler weather...cold even...oh, how I love snow and a fire in the fireplace and a big fluffy, cozy robe and slippers. :) Anyway, about your bench....love, love, love it! I've been looking for one as well. You find the most fabulous items! :)

Love the new bench and items you photographed with it. Your skills at photography are awesome as are your treasures you always find.
When I grew up in cold Minnesota thongs were for the feet, and the undergarments hadn't been invented yet. My 14 year old about dies when I still call our flip flops thongs. Old habits die hard.
Enjoy beautiful Australia's weather, as it is 26 F here and I'm wishing for warmth instead. Hate the cold!

What a great bench. Love the display. Beautiful!

Hi, Sarah, such pretty pics from you again! It must really be strange to celebrate Christmas during the summer. Can't imagine that. We are getting some wintry weather today.

Since it is snowing and sleeting here today, I am longing for the warm weather when I can wear flip flops as lovely as those!

Hi Sara, New to your blog, LOVE the bench. We have a thing for primitive benches too. I should probably do a post on our blog about benches as we have some that are very noteworthy. Good idea...thanks Sarah!
I grew up in So. California and we called them thongs too! I won't tell you how many years ago that was!!
Thanks for sharing your Oh-So-Lovely home with us and all of your vintage finds. If I lived closer we could be "auction house" buddies! ! I am addicted!
Happy Holidays!

I may cry if you *don't* show the dress.

And you'd hate to make a grown woman cry, wouldn't you? :-)

Oh I LOVE the bench! You should have taken a "before" photo so we could see the transformation!

Yes,Yes..show us the dress! (smiling!)

Bench! always a huge favorite of mine... I could put them at the end of beds hallway etc... but you are so right searching for a flea market one is hard. You did fabulous. And of course I would want to see the dress. Our housey blogs can be darn cute but we gals can wear cute things too to sit in our darn cute cottages!!! So post please.. have a lovely first day of summer... I grew up calling flip flops - thongs- just finally retrained myself to call them flip flops too funny.

daaaaang, girl, you are GOOD. You can take a beat up bench, paint it white, add your cuteness to it and it looks like a million dollars...I just LOVE your style...and, YES, we want to see that killer dress....

0000, and that little lap blanket, too....
bear all !!!!
tee hee

LOVE the bench! Everything looks awesome. Now, here in Illinois if you said you were getting a special Christmas Thong, hmmm...well your bottom would be dressed up quite well. LOL. Nothing like a little sparkle under your skirt, huh?
Please do share your dress and new blankie.

Yes, please, I want to see your new Italian silk dress.

I've wanted some benches or bench just like yours too. And I would paint it white too...looks great at your beach cottage.

I still call them thongs too and I'm from California. My teens give me a hard time..."they're flip flops mum!"...and I say, "ya, well I grew up calling them thongs, before they made undies called a thong!" tee hee

Your blog is incredible! I look forward to checking it out everyday that I can. Martha Stewart, etc. isn't a match for you!

I never post, but I had to tell you how much I enjoy your wit, your decorating and your great finds! You have an eye and talent to find the most amazing things and then display them brilliantly.

I love that you are humble and witty. Best wishes to you and your beachcottage family for the holidays.

Just wanted to let you know that you are touching many with your gifts!

I love your blog! You inspire me and after looking through your pictures I can't help but start to fuss and decorate, one idea leading to another! I also love the beachy cottage feel and although I do not live on the beach, my home is filled with white treasures and tons of Goodwill finds, which of course works well with a 4 and 3 year old, you never have to worry because nothing cost more than a few dollars. Thanks for your endless inspiration, Someday, I hope to travel to Australia, my dad was born there and lived in Sydney until the age of 7. Beautiful home, thank you for all of the wonderful ideas. Chandra

hehe too funny about the christmas thonges. thanks for the great laugh.

Hi, Sarah, here is Vera (Brazil) again. Oh, I love your cottage. It´s gorgeous, clean, white, shabby chic, marvelous. How many I see, How much I love. Thanks for your ok to put some photos in my blog. The link is ok. By the way, mulher preciosa means precious woman, based em Proverbs 31. Thanks once more.

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