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December 05, 2008

Some Christmas Decorating


Oh my goodness.  What about that with the dress?  Hee hee, or should I say Ho Ho Ho?  I didn't think of googling it, silly me, the couple of dollars I paid for it surely was worth it then.  I guess that's a pretty good present this year.

It's been a classic week of this crazy season, I have been running around going to all sorts of functions and tonight Mr Beach Cottage and I are off for a spot of Christmas barefoot bowling, sorry but I don't think I will ever not think it's odd to be outside on a bowling green without any shoes on for a Christmas get-together.  I'm sure I'll have a good time and I *know that a little tipple or two will be coming my way...just so in the mood for some let down time.



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some delightful decorating there dear. You surely are a wanted woman! So, are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

Hi, Sarah, just popping by to say hello! Your life sounds pretty exciting right now. Enjoy Christmas in the sand.

I wish it would warm up here enough to have Christmas bowling! When it gets even the least bit chilly, Floridians hibernate. Have fun!

Sheila :-)

You are cracking me up. Maybe I should send my single gal pals to the auction. (On second thought, maybe I shouldn't. :-)

to funny, have a lovely evening bowling. Can't wait to see what your finds are!!

I'm so glad you left me a comment, every time I have tried to add you to my blogroll, it won't let me so I am going to try again today.

Thanks for the so very nice compliments on my Christmas decor....you are right it is so hard to get right..I didn't want to overdo.

Barefoot bowling, that sounds so fun!! Have a great time.


woo hoo...seems like ladies can get more than BARGINS at auctions!! hahaha..just kiddin'....

Barefoot bowling? I can't wait to hear about that! Sounds like fun!

I haven't commented in forever; no time! But I love these decorations and your latest finds. Ah, soak up that warm weather for me today; wind chill is -4 here, yipes!

Too funny about the millionaire next door and the antique dealer. At least you know its a compliment. : )

headless chickeny? Discreet Date, and a few tipples....goodness sakes, whats going on down under, anyway?

at least it sounds like a terrific time, your having!!!!
Have a great Christmas!
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