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February 20, 2009

A Beach Cottage Tassel




G'day blog gals.  Yep, this is a post about a tassel.  Funny old life, eh?

I started the day with my walk by the sea.  I have to admit I had to force myself today and not because I don't enjoy it or, in fact, need it for my mental health but more because my life seems pretty chaotic at the moment and the time it takes seems to be time I don't have.  Sometimes it seems there are too many balls to keep up and not enough air or hands or whatever it is in that conundrum that keeps them from falling to the ground and my walk could be a ball I don't throw.  If you see what I mean.

Sooo, I felt a tiny bit bored of the ocean, there and back, so I decided there would be through the streets and would indulge my secret house-gazing passion.  As I strode along I passed some lovely old places and then stopped at one.  Kinda shabby, with a tatty-homey-but-very-nice-feel and hanging on the door a string of shells and stuff..a door dressing with a beachy feel.  I mused as I paced and it got me to thinking about something for my door and then to tassels and how long I've been wanting to make a Beach Cottage version. 

I decided I would emulate the door dressing with an attempt at a beachy tassel.  Not that I am a huge old lover of tassels, or that tassels have anything to do with what I saw this morning.

Anyway I came up with this, it probably won't make it to the front door, not big enough or quite what I had in mind, but it will be staying in the Beach Cottage.  Now I've made one I'll be doing it differently next time, for a first attempt I think it's not half bad.  Probably won't be winning any tassel comps but hmmmm....whaddya think?  And visit Melissa for a link party for other beautiful ideas to add a bit of foof to your life...

The weekend has crept up all of a sudden, whatever happened to those relaxing lazy weekend mornings?  A magazine article I recently read asked 'Have your Saturdays and Sundays become an endless round of shopping and skivvying?  It's time to get back to basics and revel in the simple pleasures'  Hmmm, there were some interesting suggestions, flying a kite I won't be doing.  But I thought I would have a semi-plan and try and achieve at least a couple of things that I want to do for just me, not for those 3 Beach Cottage kiddos though I can't lose the taxi driving obligations, not cleaning the cottage, or doing the laundry, puke, puke. 

So I have scheduled Sunday afternoon down the beach with some friends and tomorrow I am going to at the very least start the much awaited and planned for shed/summer house makeover. 

What will you be doing, I'd love to know...??








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Very nice. I really wished I lived by the sea. Maybe someday...and I will remember the wonderful tassel you made and try to replicate. Thanks for the inspiration and the dream.

I like the tassel, it is very Beach Cottage! I have a huge cream feather tassel on my front door curtain that I lurve :)

This weekend I have no idea what to do... was thinking about seeing if one of the grandma's will have the kids and possibly braving the new Ikea we have quite nearby but that does not sound remotely relaxing!!!!!!

Also I'm doing a craft fair in (hopefully) April so I've got to get a lot of sewing done.

Mel xxx

You never fail me. I had just read a blog entry on a blog I sometimes read, that I didn't want to read - I didn't like it, so I closed out of it part way through. And then there you were, a new post, just before I go to bed, something lovely to soothe my spirit and something lovely to look at.

Excuse the typos if you find any, it has been a long week in the coal mine and I am always tired these days.

Ok, love the tassles - remind me of corn dollies from English village books... Touch of Midsomer (TV show) there...

The beach tassle makes me smile and I find it very calming. I like that you have added links to other posts. I saw that format on another typepad blog and wondered if it is an option in your blog formatting, because I haven't ever seen it in the blogger format. I have been considering changing my blog to typepad...do you like typepad?


Well, I am loving this tassel creation of yours. It's really lovely that tiny pop of color, makes a statement.
This weekend? I'll be running like a lunatic until I fall down go boom. Painting the shop, cleaning the house, kids, errands, obligations, etc. NOT what I planned at all, but I guess I've been out-voted.

Cute, cute Sarah! A fitting tassle for your darling beach cottage. We're having friends over for dinner tonight & will be sitting in the newly painted diningroom. It's been a busy week for me too!

Just noticed your Link Within feature and gave it a try. It's now added to my blog, and I love it!

Love your tassel. So simple yet so adorable! The touch of colors adds so much.

Hi There! I clicked on Cindy's link on her sidebar for some new blog isnpiration and OH MY! I'm so in love with your home! You are a girl just like me...loving the thrill of the thrift hunt. I've spent about an hour looking over your blog! I love the story about how you followed your dream to the beach.....
I'll be back to visit again soon!

I love it. Very original and creative. Also very frugal by using what you have. It goes perfectly with your cottage and really adds a bit of color to the window treament without over doing it. I could see holiday versions of it being really cute too. :O)

Gresat job on the tassel! One day on your walk to or from the beach, take pictures so we can see what you see, please? I would love to know...

Your tassel is so pretty and whimsical -- the perfect little touch of colour to your creamy drapes :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Love your blog and your beachy style. I've spent ages looking through your blog and loving all the photos.

The tassel is so sweet. Years ago I used to make tassels from mop heads, new ones of course! So cheap to do, just strip the string from the metal head and you have lovely chunky and natural tassels.

my wife asked me to check out the color scheme at yr beach cottage. i must admit i normally wouldnt consider a color like this but one look at yr color scheme makes me waver. should i or shouldnt i? it is nice..almost calming.. a little bit too feminine for me perhaps but i should b able to add a few touches/accessories to minimize that effect

it is a lot of work . i will delay n delay n let her nag some and then i will see :)

lovely as always!!

this weekend at cottage of stone will be another busy one... i snagged an antique clawfoot tub off ebay for $25, so we have to pick that up. which should be fun. and we have to keep getting the house ready for our son's 2nd birthday next weekend... trying to finish the bathroom (please check out my white bathroom with a robins egg blue floor!). maybe tackle a bit in the kitchen project, but that will never be done in time for his party.


Sarah, thanks for the info on typepad. I figured out how to add additional post boxes at the end of a post..I missed the linkwithin widget when I looked at your post earlier. If you don't find a blogger template you like....check out a website called Pyzam it has a zillion blog templates: http://www.pyzam.com/graphics.

With regards to my red door...I love the red and it is such a great visual when giving people directions to my home. My summertime porch furniture is white, blue and red so it ties nicely. Additionally it sets the tone for what guests will see when they enter. I get a lot of compliments on it. I have had many folks beg me to keep it red.


Love the tassel! It's so creative!

I know what you mean about time-there never is enough for a mother-ever! And this has been one very long week this week for me as well! I cant decide what Im doing tomorrow-it s a toss up between relaxing or not-LoL!
I hope your weekend will be wonderful for you~Tam :D

I love the tassle! Beach sheek!
Tomorrow I am going to cheer my 8 year old son on in wrestling. This is his first. He is wrestling kids that have been at it for 3 & 4 years. He has picked up fast and is seeded 4th in the stae tourney tomorrow. Then off to watch my oldest sons tennis match. My daughter has a friend coming over....I will be doing my own little game of "tennis" in life. Back and forth....but a fmaily weekend. I look forward to it.

Have fun with your friends.

That is a great looking tassle.
I haven't walked on the beach this week. I have been up walking about 6kms at 5.20am(still dark in Victoria. I love that time of morning when there is nobody around. So peaceful.
Been busy shopping this morning getting wedding 'stuff' for Amy's wedding on 4th April. The preparations seem to have consumed my life. Tomorrow we will be making some alterations to the 2 bridesmaids dresses, nothing major just a bit of bling and a changed neckline.
Enjoy your weekend

Love the beachy tassel! Great touch for a relaxed atmosphere.

HI Sarah! Hope your weekend turned out to be a lovely one. Well today i was a taxi driver like yourself, our 13 yo cooked dinner which was a nice change (she is going to do this every Saturday night now dinner AND desert)! I did manage to sneak a little read in of my latest magazines to arrive in the mail (Country Style and House & Garden)+ i bought the Inside OUt. The Country Style has Cathy Penton's lovely home in it and the Inside out has Shannon Fricke's house in it (2 blogs i love to visit). One of Shannon's favourite restaurants was Dragonfly which has yum cha. Its at Bangalow (near byron Bay) about an hour from us ,...i am going to try to convince the family to go there for lunch tomorrow! We had a movie night tonight and watched Nims Island and The House Bunny! I love your tassle and just your style generally, but you already knew that! Mel xxx

You were bored by the ocean? Art thou mad woman??!! As a serious water element currently trapped in the Hell That Is Inland, I say again.....girl, have you gone crazy?

Nice tassels too btw. I like how you've left them with unfinished edges. Excellent colours.

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Hi, I'm new to your blog and it's great. Seeing your before and after photos of your house gives me hope, because some parts of our house are seriously ugly but the rest has really great character and potential. It's just finding the time and money to do it up. I love your colours. Very restful.

Your tassel is perfect for the beach house! laurie

Just darling, and perfectly beachy!

Love it! As always!

I love your cottage! I so wish I could do all the light neutrals that you do...it is beyond gorgeous!

Ok...love the tassel too! I have an old-fashioned, store bought tassel hanging from my old grandfather clock...I'm thinking I will update that tassel to a more untraditional tassel like yours...so much prettier than mine!

hugs ~ donna

I've been going around to all the nurseries and buying plants of course! Getting a freeze tonight, so will have to wait to plant. I always love visiting you, as your place is so tranquil to the eye.

I like the feeling of the door thingie you made, as I adore the beach , its a pity I can;t go there very often , haven't been a year to the beach and I really miss it ;./

what absolutely beautiful images! i am a huge fan of white spaces so this is such a treat for me! :)

I love it! The sea shells attached are just perfect! You should be getting paid for this!

i am LOVING all that you do you in your BEAUTIFUL home! it has inspired me to step it up a notch and paint the pieces in my house that I had origionally toyed with selling. love it!!!!!

I am new to you blog and love it...thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see more.

As always: absolutely fabulous and giving me idea's!

tassel touch is darling!! Hope your weekend ended up being ralaxing with friends (just the way you wanted it) My weekend entails have 12 woman over for (girls eveing of Bunco playing and dinner)

Your tassel is so cute!! I also love the way you decorated the end table. I've actually jotted down the idea of using a dresser as an end table like you did because it would give me more storage. Thanks for sharing your tassel with us!

Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers-- http://michele-butterflywhispers.blogspot.com/

Butterfly Whispers

That is SUCH a cute beach tassel!! So clever, original and creative! Love it!


Love,love, LOVE that tassel... I'm not a beach, cottage girl... but that could sway me!!!! The Magic Brush

Well done with the tassel. I also like house gazing.

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