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March 20, 2009

Silver Linings


Living in the Beach Cottage has sure been a journey but one thing it has taught me is you don't need heaps of money to make something special...I guess you picked that up already!

I find it becomes more important than it ever was to take a break from life and appreciate the simple things, when things, errr, don't exactly run quite as smoothly as you planned

I don't know about you, but as with just about every single thing I've tried my hand at in this Beach Cottage, when you take even a few minutes to makes something a bit special, it really is worth the time.  And go visit Melissa at The Inspired Room for more ways to make life beautiful

One of the things I didn't think the global economic crisis would give me, would be the excuse to sit in the garden for a nice lunch.  When I'm on my own, unless someone's coming over or I'm going out, I'll just grab something & more often than not, it's on the run.  So having Mr Beach Cottage here has meant a couple of times, just sitting down for for a break and a chat.  We moved from the deck to the end of the garden, where it is quiet, apart from the Kookaburras and took that little table that I found and covered in oilcloth, and sat on the night-time-thrifting-bench.   Sitting up there, we could be a million miles from anywhere, beautiful blue sky, fresh wind whipping off from the coast and dappled sunlight through that old tree...

And don't think you need to be in a tatty old beach cottage...you could be in a nice one!



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Very sweet!

The best things in life are free... Well apparently! I think this week I've most enjoyed being able to let my girls eat outside at their little table, they think it's amazing. It reminds me that it's not always what we buy that gives us happiness.

Mel xxx

Such a welcoming spot! Simple and elegant like all your creations! You continue to amaze me! :)


P.S. I'm celebrating 100 posts with some giveaways: 3 signed photos and 1 large chandelier decal from Wilson Graphics. I thought you might be interested! :)

I could sit there for hours and enjoy the scenary! so happy you have it for your family! and thanks for sharing your spot with us.

I know you don't have a "tatty" old beach cottage, Sarah! Not with all your stuff in it!

So true, taking the time to appreciate what is good in your life can only be a good thing.

I can "hear" the peace in your post. Awesome!

Enjoy it! Look at it all as an open door and for some reason the changes were meant to be. You have a beautiful home, one that you specially created for your family. What could be more special! I, for one, am a little envious. :)

Hey, is that your shed in the background that you recently painted white? I don't recall you showing pictures of it yet. We have a metal shed that used to be white with a dark green roof. My husband has replaced the roof with something waterproof, but the once-white-sides are now rust. It's so ugly and we aren't able to replace it just yet. I should get out there and paint it but I'm always intimidated by painting. It seems like an overwhelming project. Won't you swing by San Diego sometime and come to my painting party? Hee Hee!

Sounds a bit like my home at the moment. Making lunch on weekdays for my hubby (who is between jobs!!LOL)setting it up some where nice and taking time out together!! I guess we can always find the plus side of anything life throws our way.

What a lovely post. I love the silver linings theme and picture. very nicely tied together. Glad to hear you are enjoying those so called little things. Happy Sunday.

HARDLY a tatty old beach cottage! I'd love to join you for lunch on that fabulous swing.

I hear you about things not always going as smoothly as planned. But why does it seem to happen...EVERY DAY lately?! :-)

Here's to silver linings...

Hi There!

I also have a beach cottage, in the other hemisphere. It's too cold here to be eating outside yet - but at least the lake has thawed and it looks pretty outdoors, even if it is still pretty cold.

Now, if I can just find where to subscribe....

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