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April 02, 2009

plain and simple


I got back from an ocean walk this morning that left me sopping wet.  The rain lashed down, the sea was grey and the surf was fantastic.  Nothing quite like it blow the old cobwebs away.  And I surely needed that after, errrm, just a little too many glasses last night...

All was quiet at the Beach Cottage, no-one here at all.  Such bliss.  I knew I had a very busy day ahead but I planned to take a lunch break, so I set about that old vintage table and making look it all inviting.  Just for one. 

So nice to sit and contemplate.  No-one to talk to.  Try it on your next busy day, good for the soul I believe.




blogged for Susan's wonderful tablescape event, where you'll find all manner of pretty tables...Melissa's A Beautiful Life and Julias hooked on fun


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Simply beautiful!

What a beautiful table -- love the white on white on white!

So very fresh and clean looking, Love how you set your tablescape up on the pretty little table. Shabby Chic!~ Katy

I am thinking I might need to move to a beach environment for my mental health -- all your white always seems so cleansing, like a rebirth of sorts.


Oh your whiteness is so soothing - a true balm for the soul!

Now I want the table even more! :) Enjoy the time by yourself ~ we all need to take more time to calm our souls and treat ourselves to some quiet time. I hope it does you wonders!

fabulous, loved your walk too. if you get this twice, i am that sincere! and computer malfunction...

What a wonderful idea! Eveything about your blog and way of life is so soothing...a walk on the beach sounds heavenly right about now! Thanks for the little escape from my day!


Just simple elegance - white is soothing and calming. I love it.


Very simple but, Very beautiful! Deb

You do plain and simple beautifully!

great advice. I am currently drowning in work but your posts/blog is always so scalming and full of great tips. I just might sit outside today and grade.

Very calming table... I love it.

Oh, I just LOVE this tablescape! It looks so pretty, so refreshing and so beachy!

This is really very pretty! I must get some white dishes!

You're so good at this tablescape thing, I swear! :-)

Looking to have a day to myself tomorrow...fingers crossed. You've inspired me to buy myself some flowers, too...

Crisp and clean - beautiful!

I've decided my next dishes will be white. Everything will look so appetizing against that background! You're so good at this. You do need to get a book deal on your decorating style. Seriously.

I really like this plain palette! So nice of you to treat yourself well....most people don't take the time.....I agree...it IS good for the soul! You're so lucky to have your cottage and live so close to the beach....

Beautiful and beachy, I love the simplicity. :O)

LOVE IT! Very simple and peaceful!

I wouldn't know where to begin to make everything white, but you do it with such style. I'm loving this!

Some of your most lovely photos.


Lovely bright clean table -- so beach-y!

Great job... Cass

Now that is a blissful setting! So peaceful... Thanks for taking me to the beach. I feel all refreshed now...

I agree...having an empty house and no one to talk to is one of the most restorative things. I love it. Makes me wish I had more of that these days...can I come to your house? :)

I just love whites and creams. So peaceful and serene. A walk on the beach, even a rainy one, would be nice about now for me, too!

Beautiful, as always. I love stopping by your blog to see what lovely things you're sharing each week. I always come away wishing I could paint everything in my house white. :-)

Sarah, you really could be a photo stylist, your pics are always so pretty. I'm playing catch up as usual & had to stop by & see what you've been up to. Lovely!

Carry me away- beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

I love that table. It is the perfect color!

I love this!!! Wonderful!

Ohhh...I just love white...so soothing!

First time visiting, I will be back.

Happy weekend!
Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

I almost smell the ocean. Gorgeous!

Simple, but oh so beautiful! Love the chippy paint on that table. :)

Sarah, there is so much that can be said for having a white house. White is a wonderful color, and you can change the mood so easily with other colors including white. Neutrals tones give it a textured look, fall earth tones give it a fall look, blue gives is a summer look, pink gives it a spring look, red and gold give it a Christmas look. I love that about white.

I am struggling right now with our current dining room because the drapes (which came with the house) are so bold that they prohibit me using the china I love. They clash with things. It makes me long for our getaway which has a more neutral palette. It actually makes me long for the white that used to be in that dining room before the "stager" convinced me to paint it the color it currently is. I love to have fun with white! And I like the way light plays with white.

Like your tablescape a lot...

Sheila :-)

Sorry about the typos above... it's early Saturday, and my eyes aren't awake yet! :-)

just found your blog & i just know i will enjoy following you! beach and white decorating speaks to me... wonderful posts and finally someone doing beach house decorating without the shell prints yah!

Just lovely. So calm, peaceful.

lovely, my friend
miss you!

Wonderful - simple but tasty and chic! Have a wonderful Easter!

I just love to come here and see what beauty you've created. This is another one of those simple, but lovely creations you do. I just feel so calm and relaxed when I visit your blog. laurie

I really enjoyed visited your beach cottage. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous...love the white on white.

I love everything in this post, from the title to the last awesome photo. ♥

A table for one? I adore that.

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