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April 15, 2009

Rusty Old Pink Chair Finds the Beach Cottage


G'day all.  So you thought you'd heard the last of my trash to treasure stories of clandestine bench finding incidents didn't you?  Well you'd be wrong, because, and not, of course being one to gloat, this lovely old pink lady now belongs to us.

You could hardly get more quintessentially shabbily beach cottagey than this old beauty found by the, well-trained in treasure hunting, Mr Beach Cottage recently.  Talk about trash to treasure ladies, that works for me for sure, me at home feet up, Mr BC coming home with beauties.

Apparently he was driving along and it was just there, sad and lonely and urging him to chuck it in the back.  And so he did wondering if I might like it? 

Of course I did!  I knew exactly where it would be going in the garden, though for the purposes of this infamous blog, I absolutely felt the need for a shot of it by the harbour.  Of course, having a hubby home at the moment, makes shots of heavy, pink chairs in the water a whole lot easier than when he's in his big boy day job. 

So, on our way to the ocean to the club, kids in their wetties for a spot of Easter holidays surfing, we took a tiny little detour to the harbour.  Can you picture Mr BC trying to carry this heavy old chair down a steep set of steps and across the sand, well if you can't, I'm telling you, he ended up with it sort of balanced over his head and we got some strange looks from the tourists.

There are few sights more cheering to me than water lapping around things it shouldn't be lapping around...I seemed to be peculiarly absorbed by this look for some reason..

For someone who doesn't consider herself to be a huge pink lover, I'm telling you I dig that baby...





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Lovely post - I can just see Mr BC carrying this chair over his head down to the harbour - I can't imagine my hubby doing the same!
You must have him well trained ;-)

She's a beaut alright! I love the shape of the legs. Must have been so funny watching Mr BC lug it to the edge of the water, take a few pics and then lug it back again!

Mel xxx

Beautiful photos! Love that chair too! So happy that your hubby found it for you!

The things a hubby has to do for our pleasure! ;)

Lovely hubbie and lovely chair! Had to laugh at the thought of this being toted to the beach for an outing and a photo session!
The things we do for the perfect photo! Good on ya! :)

Very well trained that Mr.BC is, to come home with such a great find. You've done a good job with him...especially the lugging of it down to the beach and to the waters edge for a photo shoot. Wish you had pics of that...lol!

I AM JEALOUS of this find! I love that your husband did all that for you - a touch of rusty pink is exactly what every cottage needs.

Adorable chair! I can't believe it was just sitting there waiting for a new home. Can you imagine what it would cost in a vintage shop somewhere?? Great find. Kudos to hubbs. Mine totally would not have stopped, let alone lugged that thing to the beach for a photo opp :)

Oh, my, it is so beautiful. I vote for leaving it pink. It will look so wonderful with all of your white...

What a great find!! Your hubby has great eye for treasures.

Ahhh..you have trained Mr. Beach Cottage well...that is an awesome find.


That pink chair is so cute! What a great find. I love it with the water in the backgrounf, wow!

Sarah, love your pink chair!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


She's simply perfect!

Many Blessings,

I'm loving the photos you captured. You seem to have a knack of being "found" by old objects in need of a home and maybe a little scrub-down. I can't wait to see where it goes in the garden. I can't wait to see the garden!

A well trained husband! I love it!!! He did good!!! I love the beach shots, it was well worth it!

ooooh, great find by Mr BC!

It looks good on the sand. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, I am in love with this chair....as I am with everything else in your cottage! :) What an awesome hubby you have. Mine would probably stopped and scooped it up for me, BUT that's where it would have ended. Fabulous find! Are you going to leave her shabby, chippy pink....I think you should! She's absolutely lovely as is! ;)


awesome chair! cute bag, too!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Sarah...Sorry I haven't been around as much lately..... I haven't felt good. Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

i love that pink chair. I am slowly discovering pink, but I am still picky and it needs to be integrated very lightly I think. great pictures, your hubs sounds like a trooper.

She is a beauty, and so photogenic (with your special touches of course - not to mention your husband's)! How great that he picked it up for you. laurie

Your Hubby probabley loved helpng you out. :-) Thanks so much for stopping by. I just ate a piece of the pie and think I will call a neighbor and see she wants the rest - I need to get it out of the house. :-) Have a great day.

It's positively darling! And what a sweet hubby to carry it all over for YoU! :) Love the story!!

Wow!I wish my husband would do that for me.Well,he probably would,but I'd hear about it forever.

Oh wow, oh wow! Did Mr. Beach Cottage find one for me too?!?!? Super cute!

She is beautiful! So shabby and so chic... xx

It's beautiful. Should have had Mr BC take a pic of YOU sitting in it...it's so pretty..

How wonderful of Mr BC coming home with such a good find. I bet he is in the good books.

My hubby likes to bring treasures he finds home to me too but alas, his taste isn't quite right...YET. He's still in training but I do have high hopes for him...LOL
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

wow - your blog is LOADED with my favorite kinds of photos and images. i am adding you to my blog list right now ...


what a great find - I was raised in the "check out the trash pile" school so I wouldn't have been able to face my mother if I came home without that!

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