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April 27, 2009

surfing, holidays & beach kids


G'day bloggers, hope your weekend was a good one.

I spent the last day of the Easter school holidays for a spot of surfing down the beach with the Beach Cottage kiddos, and although Autumn is certainly cooling us down here in Australia, our local suntrap was nice and warm.  The day truly sparkled, the surf wasn't very big and we just hung out down there for a coupla hours...I bumped into a few of the other mums from school and just chatted - nice doing that isn't it?

When I got home, after a cup of tea, I took a look around what is this old cottage and thought that tomorrow when those kiddos aren't here, this place is gonna be tidy, yeehaw... it often looks like a whirlwind has gone through or a bomb has dropped round here...

So I snapped a few pics as I tidied up and smiled to myself, (though people, please to not read this to mean that I was gayly humming a tune as I picked up) but more because in my old life I certainly did not go round picking up wetsuits off the floor, sweeping sand from the hallway, knocking over the surfboard leaning on the wall, or picking up books from the sofa outside on the deck and sunhats from the sitting room...it made me realise, in a funny sort of way just how much our day-to-day life has changed since our huge move to a new life by the sea.

And it crossed my mind how most of these little places around this tatty old cottage have treasures picked up for pennies, finds that a few years ago I certainly wouldn't have come across - sofa, cane chair, screen, baskets and the list goes on...I wonder what treasures you found over the weekend?





blogged for Rhoda's event over at Southern Hospitality, thanks Rhoda!



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It is amazing how much our lives can change isn't it? Especially when one makes a move to the other side of the world!

Hi Sarah, I just have to share because I today I picked up this fantastic bench from chuck out day up the road. I was on my way to do the grocery shop and thought I would pop down a side street and saw this great bench that I knew would look good on my balcony. Anyway I tried to drive away because my head was saying no....no....no you just picked up two chairs and you don't need it the bench....don't pick it up....... but before I knew it I was turning around and loading it into the back of my car (bless that 7 seater with the seats that fold down)! With a lick of white paint, a new cushion and some back cushions (which I already have in the cupboard) I know its going to look great. I texted a pic of it to my hubby but he didn't seem to understand my exitement so I thought I would post my story on here because I know you will understand!!!!!

Awesome! The stories and the pic's! I also am always roaming the streets to find goodies! Over the years I've collect a good numbers of lovely items wich adorn my house... Love the second photo!!

I always feel "just right" when I visit your blog. Love the photos and the story. Your home is layered with love and treasures. Just wonderful.

Great rooms! You have done a wonderful job with your pieces!

Happy Monday!

cottage- it's a life style not just a house style! You certainly echo that sentiment with your home, blog, life. :)

I can't believe you call your home a "tatty old cottage" -- it's beautiful!! You've created a warm and wonderful home, and you should be proud of it :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

I love the picture of your sofa and the wood floor and your lovely simple curtains. It sounds like your life has changed so much!

Mel xxx

such a "pretty" post...not just pictures...its the story that makes it interesting...

soooooooo soothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, Sarah (remember the old Hall & Oates song?)...thanks for playing today! I can always count on you to have some treasures to share. I just adore that striped chair in your photo, it is beeeeutiful. I look forward to doing this every Monday so everyone can share their bargains.

I find that I move into a home and proceed to make it mine with all my pretties surrounding me. Different strokes for different folks, of course. It doesn't make a wit of difference if you have millions of dollars to spend on your home. It's the little touches and way you make it uniquely yours that matter. It reflects your personality and what you're trying to say. Cozy up and have a seat and a cup of coffee, says one atmosphere. Do your business and get out the door, says another. All in the details, says I.

What I want to know is why, when you show a picture with shoes on the floor and a hat on the chair, it looks SO charming and lovely, and yet, if there are shoes on my floor, it looks like a mess! As always, your photos are so pretty and your decor is so charming, that what is mess at my house becomes beauty at your house. I love it! laurie

It sounds like you have found the perfect balance in your life and your happiness is evident Sarah.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Love to read your blog - always so honest with how life is. We all have bits and pieces to pick up after our families and we wouldn't want it any other way. I'd rather have family around than a showcase home where everyone was too scared to move for fear of messing it up. Great photos - thanks Sarah

thanks for stopping by! yep the spray painting the shade didnt go as planned. but someone told me I needed "fabric" paint- I just used what I had in the garage- so you may have better luck using the fabric kind. LOVE LOVE all your beachy stuff too! soooo refreshing!

dear sarah...what a lovely day you had..
I went to Phillip island last weekend...my hubby surfed...
I hate to admit..I sat in the car..watching him..I am just soo scared of open water/beaches..
(but i hit a very very MEAN tennis ball)!!

soo very glad you had a lovely day with the kids..
weather has turned **** here in melbourne..so am planning to visit my son who lives in Palm Beach..
He JUST has to finish furnishing his place..MMM!! i am up there asap for shopping!!
i have already bought him a few pieces from a gorgeous little shop around the corner from his place..very beachy..white washed stuff..(cannot remember the name)..
anyway...hope you have a lovely week..
I am pottering around my EBAY/craft/JUNK room..trying to clean it up..AGAIN..

xx andrea

Such beautiful photos of your lovely home.
I just love those curtains in the second photo, I could just do with those in my living room to replace the plain long white ones we have.

So...your cane-back chair in this photo: A neighbor of mine is having a "liquidating my home" sale, and has a chair similar to that with a wing back (basically, a wing back wood and cane chair...original wood finish in good shape with an upholstered seat)...for $200 US. Thoughts??? The thrifty gal in me doesn't spend a lot of cash, LOL, but an OK deal? I may take a photo tomorrow and email to you. :-)

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