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May 06, 2009

Laundry Days, Orange Trees, At the Beach & Giveaway



G'day sweet bloggers, how the devil are y'all? 

I love days when there is a breeze blowing in my yard, especially a coastal one, where I can just spend that mind-numbing time loading laundry and ironing the results.  Purlease, lovely bloggers, do not get me wrong, I do not love chores, by any manner of means but the smell of clean, ironed clothes has gotta be the best reward for hours of work in the trudge of domesticity, surely?

It was one of those days today, I cannot tell you how long it took me to clear up after those other four and for sure those Beach Cottage kiddos seem to grow laundry, but oh what a fantabulous Autumnal day for it to blow in the air.  As I pegged, it reminded me of the first few weeks in the Beach Cottage, where it was, if not, exciting, certainly chaotic.  And all of a sudden we had no washing line.  Of course we had a dryer, but euuuh, I live in the lucky country, where, people, you don't, for most of the year consider shoving your laundry in a dryer.  Unless you are an environmental sadist. 

Sooooo, I forced Mr BC to erect (dont' you just love that word?) a makeshift line, seeing as those lovely sweet previous owners of the Beach Cottage obviously never washed their clothes or took the washing line holes with them.   Result was a piece of string (ok, I will admit, it was a rather rustic piece of string) strung between two orange trees. 

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, I mean, ya know, I have an ORANGE TREE, in fact I have two, and if, like me, you are not from lands where you can walk right on into your yard and pick an orange, this, as my kiddos would say, is quite an awesome thing.

But funny, that string line is still there, between the oranges and more, I still use that string line, even though we have a real, proper, in the ground line now.  But I like the string one, it's kinda shabby, it gets full sun and my whites get a natural bleaching.  Napisan eat your heart out.




Later, after the monotony of housework, I thought stuff the squeezed-for-time-thing and decided on a quick half hour on the beach before all the other kiddo duties of the day.

And this, for me, it seems is the easiest route to success in all the other areas - the kids, the husbands, the dinner, the housework - taking time-out to zone-out and enjoy the beauty very-much-in-evidence and often-sadly-taken-for-granted, all around me.

And it always surprises me how this re-charges me, it works for me.  So I grabbed a bag, a hat and headed down the beach, just a short trip, kicking back and letting go...

I'd love to know what you do, to, ya know, zip on out of your day for a bit, because I'll try it, for sure...

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Youve done it again!! I too have been hanging the washing out and yep although a boring chore it does clear the cobwebs away - getting a chore done and getting some fresh air. What I mean you've done it again youve cheered me up with your down to earth but gorgeous blog. Thank you How do I zone out for a bit? Look at your beautiful photos of course! he he bye for now.

I haven't put laundry on the line for many years. I love the smell of fresh air dried laundry!

Your photos are wonderful. J and I were talking about how wonderful it would be to have oranges growing on trees in the back yard. Sigh.....that doesn't happen here in Missouri!

You have made something so simple look like a beautiful thing.I think I will have to go and buy me 2 orange trees and some string.

So you have oranges in your backyard, huh Sarah? You make even hanging laundry on the line look great, although I do not want to go back to those days. I grew up hanging clothes on the line & as sweet & old-fashioned as it is, it's not for me. :) I'll take my big ole' dryer any day.

What do you do with your colored clothes, don't they bleach out in the sun? That was my experience with that. Thanks for playing today.

I wish I could live near a beach!! Our closest is 6 to 7 hours away. I love the romance of the line hung between the trees. So beautiful!!! :)

I wanted to stop in and say i am new to your blog and love it. You keep it all so simple and your home is beautiful. I must say you are on the check frequent blog list.

A Fellow Blogger Ann

How fun to peek into your world. Oh how I miss a clothes line. One of the stipulations when we bought our lot to build a home was that we could not have a clothes line....I love the smell of clothes after drying outside. I just feel refreshed seeing all your photos..you have a great eye for design.

I love the sack on the beach idea. It looks cute. I just added you to my blog roll the other day. Are you north of Sydney or south? I am north. Cherrie

There was a book I had called White By Design. I have to say that I don't know where I placed it before I got married and my parent's moved into their condo but your blog just reminds me so of that book. If anyone were to find the book I am sure they would see that it is dog earred and the binder is fraying. I loved the book so. That book and your blog make me smile.
The way I relax is to go outside (when it is nice-of course) and knit.

Amazing! You have made laundry seem fun! :)

What a great post!

First time I've seen your blog and I enjoyed it so much I plan to follow often.

Have a good day.

Marsha's Mpressions

I was just telling my husband the other day How I wished I had a clothes line outside to hang my bed linens. I miss that smell.. it's so much more cleaner and refreshing. Love the Orange trees.. I bet you have tons of different recipes for them. Thanks for sharing for the party.

You're so lucky to be able to just walk down to the beach to relax!! My favourite way to relax is taking the dogs to the dog park. It's almost like being out in the country, especially when you take the paths through the woods. I love watching them running and playing :-)

To be able to walk into your backyard and pick an orange off the tree... that's just too cool!!

I'm going to add the link to your giveaway to our blog sidebar :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

I "discovered" your blog a few weeks ago. I am in Texas and I go to the coast every weekend. When life is too much, walking the shoreline will do if for me everytime. It's just so constant and there for you. Kind of like my doggies, always there for me. I am investing in white paint after seeing your amazing transformations with it.

Thanks for the joy!

I so agree with Debbie, the smell of bed linens that have been hanging in the sun to dry. Not much that can beat that.
I used to go to the beach to relax but unfortunately we live to far away from the sea now. :(
Have a nice day, Jeannette

I love all your delicious whites and your header is superb!!!
I'm going back to read all the giveaway rules and get in on some of that :)
have a wonderful day.

I love the smell of Fresh Linen too! I have some candles from yankee candle co and they are called clean cotton and they are just delightful too.

As always, AMAZING pictures! I love visitng your site. I always feel so good and crafty when I leave!

Beautiful Site! I love traveling the world through someone else's eyes!

Well, if I had a beach within a short walk in the Fall, I'd get myself there for as much time as I could. I always loved the smell of linens from the line. Grew up hanging wash outside all year, even if it froze on the line. Now, I hang it inside on hangers to dry. I couldn't smell it anyway.
I'd love to be in on your give away.
Mama Bear

Okay, I have been tossing around the possibility of having a clothes line installed and after reading your post I have decided that YES I will do it!! Linens fresh from the line bring forth the best nights sleep one can imagine, right!

Please stop by my blog for a brief visit; I'm just trying to get it started!


Oh, to hang up laundry to dry.... I can't where I live. The pollution and allergy count are too high.

Beautiful pictures!!

Looks Great! Thanks!

If the rain would EVER stop, I would love to hang out some clothes in the sunshine to dry! I was wishing only last week for a clothes line. Of course, the lovely ARB and the Covenants won't allow it, but a girl can dream, can't she? I have been on a ironing jag -- there is something soul-satisfying about making something orderly and perfectly smooth and fresh in this time of chaos, don't you think?


Good Morning from So Calif - every morning you inspire me to enjoy what I gotta do! I love vintage linens and air dry them hangin over the porch railing with delicates on hangers above - today I'm going to run a string (just bought a whole spool at a yard sale) and I'm going to hang them properly between two lemon trees. 1/2 hour all to myself...usually includes a 10 minute trek to the beach - today I'll head over to my fave junk shop to nab some clothespins...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Sarah! Don't forget to add the link to Outdoor Wednesday in your post so readers can find the other posts!
Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

We are almost into our new place in the country (well, 2 months close, anyway). I gotta' tell hubby to make sure we get a clothesline up!

Have recently found your blog and I'm amazed by all that you have achieved and also by your fabulous photographs. I love all that you do and visit every day now for inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Oh how I love t hang laundry on the line, especially on a windy day! To do so near a BEACH, no less, must be sheer joy!

I found your blog from a link from Southern Hospitality. You seem to be a girl after my own heart.

I would love to be added to the giveaway. Thank you so much!

Fabulous! An orange tree. I miss that. We had fruit trees when we lived in Sarasota and there is nothing like picking fruit that fresh. You lucky girl! Also lucky to have your hubby erect you a line. Smile. Great day in the hood! LOve the line, love the pictures! Love your blog. I am a follower and you KNOW I will give you props on my blog. Add me many times.
Secret words? Erect?

I put the link in my post today on my blog. Hope to see you for Thrifty Thursday tomorrow!

Love your site. Of course I love anything beachy.

Very cute clothesline! I love the beach pictures too. :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

Clothesline art right in your backyard, who knew?

I love your blog! I have linked you on my blog- as a favorite read!

Would it be too much for me to send my laundry to you so mine can smell like the ocean and the orange trees too? lol!

Love your post and your ocean visit. It has been way too long since I have been to the ocean and I only live 4o minutes away. Thanks for the inspiration and love of the simple things.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air, especially for those of us not living on a beach. If the spring pollen would ever go away I could hang some laundry outside to dry. Nothing beats the sweet smell of sun-kissed laundry! I am glad to hear that you remember to take some time just for you, now and again. So healthy and makes us better "mums"!

I love the bleaching power of the sun, too! Since we moved south I've discovered that it can get grass stains out of boys' trousers, which I think is pretty miraculous! We had washable nappies hanging on our line when we lived on Tyneside (no, not terries, the modern velcro sort) and even up there they always came in looking more sanitary than if they'd been through the drier.

we haven't hung laundry in forever. i wonder why?

Beautiful photos! I visited the beach recently, posted some photos on my blog. Oh how I love to walk on the sand and see the ocean! Your blog is so inspiring.

Oh My husband just put up a washline because I LOVE the smell of line-dried sheets and clothes...not to mention conserving energy! I love your pics, makes me miss FL, I used to live out there and it was hardly ever a bad day when the sun shone and the smell of the ocean beckoning a better day. I subscribed to you, plus linked you on my blog so i'd LOVE to be added to your giveaway! Thanks for your inspiration!

Hi! Love the laundry out and the clothesline. I love freshly dried by the sun laundry hangin' on the line. You have a great blog. Very nice!

I wish I could hang my close out to dry. It is lovely. The smell is great when they are outside.


Your so lucky. Where I live in Homeowners Asso. regulated area, we cannot hang laundry. I think its awful since its sunny here most of the time. I miss the smell of fresh laundry. And while Ill be moving somewhere soon where the weather isn't that great, I will however have my own land this time. I am going to have a place to hang laundry for those rare sunny days Ill be getting.

I too, am blessed to live just up the hill from the ocean. But it is sad that I don't get myself down there often enough. Another sad thing... our one and only orange tree just died. *sniff* We haven't figured out why yet(a mysterious bug?), but it had the sweetest oranges and we made a lot of delicious juice.

Hey, did you hear the news of the British guy, Brian Southall, who just landed the job of caretaker of Hamilton Island? Lucky guy! I thought of you. :)

I wish we still had a working clothes line - the post is so rotted on ours that I'm afraid to put anything on it. We do have racks for most of our laundry, but they're too small for sheets.

I love the smell of laundry dried outside...smells of sunshine, trees and (where I'm from) summer or spring. I enjoy your blog.
Cindy from Marseille

This is a new world for me and found your blog by accident but now visit frequently. Love the orange trees and the ladder idea in the bathroom just refurbishing my little bathroom and this is a great idea.
Go well

I used to love my walks down to the beach as well, oh how we take it for granted and then when it has gone...

I can't believe people aren't allowed to hang washing out on a line - I would consider that a breach of my rights! I love this time of year in the UK when we can finally start to get things out on the line and they dry. I hate it when they have to go in a dryer when it is too cold and wet.

Ooohhh...another giveaway! I'm so adding your link to my blog! Love love love your blog...keep up the great work!

Lovely post and photos again, Sarah. I live near the ocean too and love to hang washing on the line. I hate using the dryer - all that energy, crushed clothes, extra ironing! My orange tree is laden this year - it's just a matter of beating the possums to them as they ripen.

Oh goodness, I would have a fit and fall right in it if I had actual lemons on a tree right in my own yard! Clothes hanging in the breeze. Can't get any cozier than that. I'm going to try and put your little button in my sidebar, just cause you know how much I like you. But I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. So we'll see if I can figure it out, Sarah!

The romantic side of me has always wanted a clothesline. I'm thinking of putting one up after we get a fence and deck built. I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to put actual clothes on it, but our all-white sheets and towels would be perfect ;-) Clotheslines are NOT mainstream around here.

I find your blog to be so delightful, I too love to have my clothes hung outside to dry. Thank you for sharing . Sue

*Watch it, oh-so-talented-photographer!!! Yer giving "household duties" a beauuuutiful name!!!! Stunning pics~ so glad you shared!
Many thanks!!! Linda in AZ*

Girl, you have some GORGEOUS laundry!!!!!

Oh, and those tiny roses peeping out of the straw bag - - - how lovely is THAT!?!

the photos are lovely! white (very cool) clothes against the darker gray of the fence and the color of the oranges. all fabulous.

Your day at the beach looked so relaxing! What do I do to recharge? Drink some tea, have a treat, a glass of wine, read a magazine...all those little things make such a difference!

I miss having a clothes line. Had one in Oregon and California. Area we live in know does not allow it. You have a wonderful blog.

yay! another giveaway.. thank you! I love hanging out the washing. I'm actually a bit OCD about it and have to have matching pegs in each section of the line...

Just came across your blog and it is absolutely adorable! Wonderful pictures and Ideas!!

Hava a great day!

I have girlfriends who love the 'hung out in the fresh air' laundry smell but try as I might I just can't care about it! I know to achieve this it requires me to have to hang it up in the first place and I am far to lazy to walk out to the back yard.....racks in the laundry are about as much as I can handle!! Might I say though, that your photo's could almost entice me to make the effort.....especially if I had a couple of those beautiful cami's to hang on my clothes line. Anyway being such a beautiful day here I had better get out on that balcony and finish painting and sanding those chairs and they are not going to do it themselves!!

Seriously you need to send your pics in to a mag.....soooo gorgeous. cherry

Hi again... I think I have used my dryine maybe twice in a year...I just love the fresh smells and feel..I know what you mean. Marilyn xoxo

Isn't the country a great place to live! I live in the midwest US & my favorite place to go for a time out is through the trail in our woods to our point on the lake. DH has made sure I have a bench to sit on there - a very rustic homemade one carved with our initials by himself! I bring our lab with us & she either lays in the sun at my feet or goes swimming on a hot day. I go as often as I can; in the winter with snow & ice out or even on rainy windy days.

Taking time like this works for me too. I love your special spot. I could never get tired of the ocean. Jen

Beautiful post and I will link you up on my sidebar! Hope I win... ;-)

I love these pictures! The orange tree reminds me of way back when I was a child and we lived in Australia...I still can remember the smell of the blossoms and orange...everyday it was a feast! I also can remember us having a treehouse in the peach tree and the soft warm peaches when we plucked them....I MISS THOSE DAYS!!!! I wish I could go back for only one day! To feel and smell my childhood in Australia!! God how I miss it!! That's why I'm sooooo glad I found your blog...It's become my shelter where I can daydream of long gone & 'better days'. Guess I'll never get over the fact that my parents moved back to Holland. After we'd gotten back, I was very unhappy and noone knew why, until the doctor heard about our abrubt move: she has experienced a trauma, he said...and God knows how right he was! When I see and read your posts, it is as if I'm there! Thank you for posting!

Love your clothes line! It reminds me of simplier days when I was a girl! No cares or worries, just had to hang the laundry and I was off. I can feel the sun of my face and the cool breeze just looking at your pictures.

Beautiful pictures, Sarah! Any excuse to do the chores outdoors works for me! I am happy you got to go to the beach to recharge your batteries. Lately for me, I just have to ride it out!

Please include me in your give~away. I am having one too!


Beautifully captured, ALMOST makes me want to iron (well, not really), and sure enough makes me drool over the orange trees and sand!

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