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May 04, 2009

Vintage Whitewashed Ladder & A Beach Cottage Giveaway


G'day bloggers!  I had an eventful weekend to say the least, ending with a 3 hour trip to the hospital with Mr Teenage Beach Cottage.  He's safe and sound though shell socked and very bruised after a nasty accident involving scateboards and concrete.  Need I say more.  Boys and their toys eh...

Anyway I did get around to giving this old ladder a whitewash.  While out treasure searching recently I came across two of these vintage wooden ladders...not so easy to come by and then I find two at once.  So delicious.  I love them for display and thought this one might look quite nice in the ensuite. 

Hmmm, now the ensuite, when we renovated it was not an ensuite at all, it was the original main bathroom to the original part of the cottage, however we don't believe it had actually been in use for years.  So we blocked up the original door and put in a door into our bedroom.  We didn't really plan this enough, at the time we were making 500 hundred decisions a day on what to do and what not to do.  I *wish wish wish we had put a bath in, because it's tucked far enough away to mean it makes a good sanctuary from the stresses of the day and is a good hiding place from the kids. 


So I've literally done nothing decor-wise in there - it is very plain, white tiles, white paint, white vanity, you get the picture, no fittings to the walls, I wanted those left clear, hence towels piled up on the floor with no place to live...it certainly needed a bit of depth and some texture so I thought a ladder would give me just that, stacked with towels and the odd shell or two. 

I painted it using my usual Beach Cottage method though added just a touch of water to my paint rather than making a very watery mix as I wanted it to look quite white with just a hint of wood showing through.  Then I sanded the edges with two different types of sandpaper...

I stacked up my towels, yes aren't I sooooo slovenly to have been keeping them piled on the floor, and added the old painted fishing basket to keep my cleaning products in 

I'm so pleased with it, I feel like it looks so much better and I am sooooo pleased I didn't plunge ahead and buy the rather nice, rather pricey shelf-cum-ladder-affair that I recently saw in a rather lovely shop...






Oh and talking of shops and buying things I went to the beachy boutique today and oooh yeah they had some new lines in.   So how about a Beach Cottage Giveaway?

I couldn't resist some of the napery so I gave myself a little treat - well ya know I do* have my bloggy friends to keep happy don't I? *wink...but also I decided it's time for a little bit of fun round here, what with all the doom and gloom about money and swines and flu left right and centre, so I bought two sets (actually I bought three) one for you and one for me.

I'll be posting the goodies on Thursday with a tablescape but I'll be drawing the winner from all comments, all week from Monday 04 through Sunday 10th.   

Simple little rules, who wants those complicated ones?   Here's how you can win

1.  Just leave a comment and that's it (just remember to leave your email!) 

2.  If you link to me from your blog I'll double all your comments all week - you can just do a regular old link or copy the code below and add it to the html section so you get the Beach Cottage button.


http://www.abeachcottage.typepad.com><img alt="swing by the Beach Cottage Giveaway"  src=http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo10/abeachcottage/beachbutton.jpg border="0" />

3.  Tweet on Twitter about this giveaway  (just let me know, http://twitter.com/abeachcottage so I can triple-up your entries)

4.  Subscribe to my feed, just click on subscribe at the top of the page or click here and I'll add you soooo many times...just shoot me an email at abeachcottageblog@gmail.com with one of the secret little words...oooh yeah gotta love me a bit of espionage

happy days! 

blogged for Susans Metamorphosis event over at Between Naps on the Porch

taking part in Kim's Giveaway Event - head on over and get yourself in the running for some breat bloggy prizes!  


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Oh...what a nice ladder!! Nice in the bathroom.
And you also have a nice blog!!

Smile from L-jo ;O)

The ladder is a very nice accent. Can't wait to see the napery! I know already that it's lovely, so please add my name to the hat!

How beautiful and soothing to look at,i just love the ladder.Take care.

The ladder really works. Hope you've all recovered from the hospital trip! I've added your button plus the text 'a great blog with a great giveaway' to my blog, because I would really like to enter your giveaway! Thanks for adding a bit of fun to a gloomy day.

I'm going to do a 100th post giveaway, which must be coming up quite soon (I need to check my post counter!) It will have a Franco/Scottish theme, as those are the two countries where I spend my time...

A very 'chic' touch...

Please do add my name...Betty @ Country Charm

Oh what a lovely idea popping a ladder in the bathroom, it looks so pretty.
Ooohhh count me in for the giveaway, what fun!

I love it.

I'll say it again - - - I don't know HOW you make all white "work" like that, but you certainly do and I love it.

What a lovely idea - so simple and yet so effective.

I think we may have a hospital trip coming up! I think YS has dislocated his thumb - I posted about it Friday - the swelling still hasn't gone down.

Already linked to your blog ;-) have been since I started my blog.

Hope the kiddo is mending quickly so you can concentrate on painting all everything white.

Thanks for the tip on watering down the paint to get a good weathered look. Having seen the $$$$ version of ladders at the upmarket shops got to say yours is looking much more authentic.

This is a great result. Thanks for sharing this idea.

How fabulous the ladder looks.
Mmmm...piled on the floor is good too!!
Boys will be boys. Glad he is ok.

Hi there! What another lovely idea of you and you are to generous! I'd love to have this in my bathroom aswell...it will always remember me of you and your lovely blog ánd of dear ol'Australia! Which I hopefully will visit in the very near future! But I guess sending it to the Netherlands will be to costly.. :( but I will give it a go anyhow! ;)

That's a great towel shelf. I used to have one in dark blue with rope built in - very nautical looking.

Love it!

Wonderful idea for the ladder! What a great addition to your bathroom.

Oh my gosh, how i love that idea. I wonder if a ladder would fit in my bathroom. I doubt it, but I'll check.
My teenage son had emergency surgery on Friday, so I'm feelin' your pain in that regard.

OOOH...another oyster lover, it was the raspberry sauce that really gave it the oomph wasn't it? 'Course I'll linky to you...be my pleasure,x

I just recently found your blog and love looking at the decorating ideas. Wish I'd found you when we moved into our beach cottage, but you're definitely making me think about the direction I'd like to take my decorating. I already added you to my blogroll, does that count?

I'm sure you must get tired of me--the same comment every time--"I love your white"! It's hard for me to believe boys live in all the wonderful whiteness (let alone rowdy scateboarding ones!). Your ladder is a great find and looks perfect!

That turned out so beautiful! Great job.

Hi, you did a fantastic job in your bath. Looks just perfect.

Love the ladder...like how it narrows as it goes up. Seems to be perfect for your bathroom. I have posted your giveaway on my sidebar and will mention it in tomorrow's post.


What a wonderful idea!! You have a beautiful home!

Hi Sarah -
Hope your son is ok - I feel your pain as I too have spent countless hours with my surfer boy in the emergency room. I'm new to blogging and commenting and all this but I love your beach cottage! Just found you and Thank You for inspiring me to get a few things done that I've been meaning to do for a few years. I gathered up my courage - dragged my dining room table outside (by myself - sheer determination) and painted the dark brown top white, distressed it, dragged it back in & I am so thrilled - shoulda done it years ago. Thanks also for showing me that little tea lights are charming set out on their own - I'll be following you...

After seeing how you paint baskets, I decided to give it a try this weekend. They look pretty good. Thanks!!

The ladder is so pretty. I love antique ladders, and what a cute idea to use one in the bathroom as a towel shelf. If only I had enough space in my bathroom! :)

Love that ladder. I'm making one today out of an old ladder worn with age left in this house I bought. Great blog too, I'm adding a button. :) I raised three boys and have been to the ER with the skateboard thing too! Gotta luv 'em!

Love the ladder. It looks very nice. Hope your son is feeling okay after his accident. I'll link to you on twitter. I'm goodsoutherngal over there.

I just recently found your blog, and I love it. We have a lake house, but it is decorated very "beachy".

What a clever idea. It give you great storage and looks gorgeous all at the same time. Love it. Hugs, Marty

Wow, I really love those whitewashed ladders. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those. How cute!

Just stumbled on your blog from another, and it's lovely! I love the ladder idea, wish I had room in my bathroom for one. I will continue to follow your renovations.

I've been longing for one of those ladders for the longest time! I love it! But you know I wouldn't be able to help myself, Sarah. I'd have to load it down with quilts!

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this! :) A vintage ladder is also on my most wanted list.

Hope Mr. Teenage BC is feeling better. My hubby actually used to skateboard up until fairly recently....he last little *accident* pretty much woke him up and made him realize that he isn't as young as he used to be. :)



I just discovered your blog last night and it's a delight for the soul and a feast for the eyes! Keep up the great work.

I love how the ladder turned out. Great way to display your towels & such. Glad to hear your son is OK. Three hour trip to hospital isn't all that bad. Here it is at least an 8 hour ordeal.

Simply Perfect Sarah!!

Good the beachy son is OK

Hi, please add me to your giveaway. I follow your blog and just love it...well, we are almost neighbours..lol..why wouldn't I? i love the ladder.. such a nice effect..have been looking for one for ages. Have a nice day. Marilyn from Lavender Cottage.

...oh..I almost forgot to tell you...I added your beachcottage logo to my blog :) Marilyn

love the ladder and the bathroom! once again...can i come live with you?

Hi Sarah,

How fun that you're having another drawing! I added your button to my sidebar. My email is: bsidethesea@hotmail.com


Brenda in San Diego

I love the white. It somehow looks warm in your place. I appreciate the giveaway and would love to win but I don't know that you would want to send this to Canada. The postage would be pretty high. I gave away a couple cookbooks one time and the postage to the US from Canada was more than what I paid for the cookbooks.

I love the seashells displayed with your towels and linens!

I think your bath is just perfect. I love the crisp white on white...wonderful in a bath!

Ohh how exciting - thank you for another gorgeous giveaway.
Ladder looks great - I know they are so hard to find.

Ohh... I just found your Beautiful blog!!
Gorgeous photos... so fresh and clean :)

Love the ladder in the bathroom, and the basket to store supplies! So Glad your son's accident wasn't terribly serious. laurie

It looks lovely - serene, simple.

Please add my name to the hat~thanks!
Lovely pictures~

Love the ladder. Fun touch! Count me in (if USA counts)

Dont hold your breath for the kirstie allsopp programme for you. not a hint of white in sight! In fact get your sunglasses on.

Hope you are well and doing fine.

love emma

Just found your blog...you make me want to go out and buy 25 gallons of white paint...LOVE EVERYTHING!

The ladder is perfect -- it doesn't take up much space, and the towels and shells on the rungs create a lovely display :-)

Sorry to hear about your son's skateboarding accident. Bumps and bruises are all part of being a kid -- makes us tougher when we're adults ;-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Love the ladder. I have one and have just hung onto it waiting to find a picture to show me what to do with it. I will definitely be doing this.


Just Fabulous! Thanks

Wow, that ladder looks amazing! I really wish I had one for my bathroom. Thanks for the idea and the giveaway.


Your white on white looks so refreshing!

I love LOVE love your ladder... oh my I want to come to your cottage to drool over your ladder! charming and perfect!!!

Love this ladder idea! wouldn't consider shipping the other one overseas would ya?

Love that look!!!

m ^..^

Oh, my goodness - I'm so happy to have discovered your blog tonight! It's beautiful...you have great style!

Thank you for letting others know about the Cottage Charm Giveaway event! Just let me know if you have a giveaway you want to add to the list. It's growing larger by the day!

Ok...I'm off to add your site to my blogroll. It's so inspiring!


Pick me! Pick me! I've linked to you...come and see....and have a margarita while you're at my blog--on me! Happy Cinco de Mayo! And, speaking of swines....so scary! We're in San Diego. It's spreading everywhere! Everyone's in face masks! Adios!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

You have a beautiful bathroom, the ladder is lovely!

Have a nice day!


love the ladder and love your blog!!

I just recently found your blog.... and I love it. Your simple but lovely white decorating makes me want to head out for vacation by the beach. I look forward to each new thing you add.

i love your style. it looks so simple, clean and comfortable. i'm sure it takes lots of trials (for me, YOU have it down by now)to achieve that easy look. but i have your snaps to guide me. i always feel like i've been to the beach when i read your posts, but i actually live 1/2 hour inland...jkj

Hi Sarah,

How does it count with both Kelly and I entering?? Do we both benefit from having a single link on our blog?! :-)

Love the ladder transformation, by the way! And the way you've displayed your linens with shells and starfish on top... so beachy!! But of course that's the intention! Haha!

Victoria @ DesignTies

I just adore the ladder! I think I have the world's smallest bathroom so this would be an amazing idea for my towels and linens.Maybe I can luck across a beauty like yours.Keep your fingers crossed.

The ladder looks fab! I love that look and its really quite a practical shelving idea. If my kids were not climbers I would consider it to but god knows what they would get up to if we had a ladder in the bathroom!!

add me in...anything you do is is ok by me! lol, cherry

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