May 13, 2010

A Beach Cottage On Tour In England Part III ...the seaside


Well hello there from good old England! 

Phew it is cold here, and I don't mean an Aussie climate loving person warm-loving cold.  I mean like well cold. 

Yesterday as I said we took ourselves off through the Garden of England meandering down past many an English village to the sea. 

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May 12, 2010

A Beach Cottage on Tour in England


Good morning lovelies! 

Just popping in here from Blighty, we are having a great time and are headed to the coast this morning.  Our plans were to go to the city on the train, to reminisce about the days when I hopped on the train in the countryside early in the morning and spent the day at an office in the West End.  However both me and Mr Teenage BC fancied a trip to the sea, to tuck under our belts a dose of the English seaside. 

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May 11, 2010

A Beach Cottage On Tour In England Part II


Why hello, how the devil are you all? 

I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and relishing all the most wonderful things about the country I no longer call home. 

The other morning I was up and about early much before anyone else was in the land of the living and decided to get myself out and about and walk into the village and see what I could find.

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May 10, 2010

A Beach Cottage On Tour In England Part I


Hello!  England Calling!

So very nice to see you all ;-)

I am having a wonderful time.  We left the beaches and got to Sydney airport last Thursday and after a very long but surprisingly enjoyable flight we arrived in good old London town just about 24 hours later to a grey and drizzly England...old Blighty doing what it does best. 

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May 06, 2010

A Beach Cottage Goes Vintage Tulip Crazy & Clay Hearts


 G'day lovelies! 

Well, I am all packed up and ready to go and by the time you read this, I my sweet Beach Cottage readers will be stuck somewhere high above the Earth with a lovely teenager, a very small seat, a sleeping pill and ahem a few beers (I'll be Facebooking though so we can stay in touch lol!).

I have my head full of my old English country village, walks in the woods in my old rambling ground, Sunday Lunch at the pub with a nice beer, vintage baskets from one's arm and floral dresses ;-), day trips to London and if I can squeeze it in a walk by the sea at our old beach...and what I am looking forward to most, oh, sigh THE BBC.  I love you BBC, I miss you BBC, I can't wait to sit and watch you BBC.

I will be blogging from Blighty, it'll be an interesting time as by the time we land the election will be in & as I type a hung Parliament is predicted...a very unsettled time in British history...

But just before I left for England, I thought I'd leave you with nothing other than my new fave home decoration...clay hearts and my new hobby that is zapping my time like with vintage processing and textures...hope you will indulge me?

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May 05, 2010

A Beach Cottage Stroll & Sparkly Surfer Girls

Surfer girl

When we used to live in England we often took ourselves off to the sea.  It was quite a different experience to here obviously.  And I miss that.  Tucked up against the breakers, a rough old English sea, making a camp on the big old pebbly beach, setting up in the morning, hoping the weather would hold, a flask of hot tea and staying there all day long. 

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May 04, 2010

The Beach Cottage DIY Family Bathroom Makeover Continues!


G'day BC DIY-ers, how on earth are you? 

All here is well and good though errm it's somewhat chaotic.  Did you think the makeover was complete with those shots?  Errm I wish, just threw that in for a bit of eye candy...

I'm sorry this is taking us so long but I have been pretty busy here and in between taking on the bathroom makeover, we decided to have a birthday, dig a new flower bed from rock (oh that was a nice job)... blah blah blah, you know what it's like, the list goes on and on.  

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May 03, 2010

A Beach Cottage Vintage Watering Can & Flowers


G'day lovelies, hope you all enjoyed the weekend, if you Facebook with me you'll know I spent 12 hours on Saturday spectating or playing sport of some kind which left every single muscle in my body sore on Saturday night and yesterday I had to hit the mall for little Mr BC's birthday gifts.  I just about survived it without turning into the Beach Cottage Mall Witch.  Always a bonus for those unfortunate enough to 1. be in my company whilst mall-shopping or 2. serving me.  

Most of Sunday arvo I spent foofing around in the cottage, getting ready for the party and getting my bags thought about for my upcoming trip to the Old Country. 

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May 01, 2010

A Beach Cottage GIVEAWAY + Table Style Book Review

 G'day all, hope you are enjoying the weekend, thought I would just pop in here this evening (I know I don't normally at the weekend) after I had lots of emails asking did I *really recommend
Table Style?  Errm yes I really do!

With the launch of my new website coming soon (yes I really did just type that) I will be partaking in regular Beach Cottage Book Reviews, there are two reasons for this, firstly I thought it might be a very good excuse to further expand my online book buying habit and secondly if I say it is for the blog, Mr BC will not make any comment about my incessant lounging around reading (I will call it work) or my spending of funds on the material.  What a great plan? 

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